Monday, April 22, 2024

Police warn criminals to hand themselves in before Christmas

POLICE are warning criminals to hand themselves in before Christmas, or face ruining their family’s Christmas day.

Officers across South Western division, which covers Basildon and Thurrock, will be stepping up their efforts to arrest those police believe are responsible for crime.

Supt Mark Wheeler, of Basildon and Thurrock, said: “We operate 365 days a year, and our job to arrest people wanted for crime does not stop over the Christmas period.

“If you are wanted by police or know we want to speak to you, do the honourable thing and hand yourself in now, or my officers will be knocking on your door and you may face the prospect of spending Christmas behind bars.”

If you are wanted for an offence, hand yourself in to your nearest police station immediately.

Police will also be actively patrolling all areas of Basildon and Thurrock over the festive period in a bid to stop burglars ruining peoples’ Christmas. Supt Wheeler added: “If you get new TVs or electrical goods, store the packaging away safely until the day it can be collected. If you leave them outside, it will only advertise your goods to burglars, who will see your property as easy pickings.

“If you are going away, make sure you cancel the papers and milk, and leave your lights on timer switches so it appears that you are in. And if you have a trusted neighbour, inform them that you are going away so they can keep an eye on your property.

“Whilst you enjoy the festivities with your family, my officers will still be working to arrest people and prevent crime, so please help us by taking appropriate safety steps to help prevent you and your family falling foul of thieves this Christmas.”


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