Sunday, December 10, 2023

Essex Police set to appeal over case of councillor and allegation of theft of photo

ESSEX Police have confirmed that they will be appealing the CPS decision not to charge a Thurrock councillor over an allegation of theft.

An Essex police spokesperson said today (Tuesday): “A senior detective has reviewed the case papers, and Essex Police has decided that they will appeal the CPS decision, and the appropriate paperwork will be filed imminently.”

Blackshots councillor Joy Redsell was the subject of a report submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in October over an allegation of the theft of a framed photograph of the Gull lightship from the council offices in New Road, Grays.

It is believed that the alleged theft dates back to 2007.

The CPS issued a statement just before Christmas that they would not be taking the case forward as “the evidential test was not met..” and they “only go ahead with a prosecution if there is a realistic prospect of conviction.”


  1. For crying out loud, how much money and time is going to be wasted on this? Too much, and all for a flipping photo worth a couple of quid? Please tell me this is an early April fool?

  2. Dear grey 64
    I think you’ve totally missed the point any person in Joy Redsells position Is very much accountable whether it be a couple of pennies or a couple of quid that is not the point. The point is people in her position should want to confront this to clear her name or noy as the case maybe. In a nutshell grey a matter of principle which by your tone I don’t think you posess.

  3. Georgy, I have not missed the point at all. I don’t know Mrs Redsell and I don’t know if she is a scoundrel or an all round good egg. However, to make such a big issue over a framed photograph is nonsense. Do you really think that the time and expense involved investigating this matter is a valid use of Police time and Council tax money? don’t you think there may be more important issues to worry about?
    Or are you an afficionado of the petty?

  4. Grey like you I do not know Mrs Redsell. I do believe theft is a very serious issue an I’m sure if the police didn’t think they had a case they wouldn’t be going back to the cps for a second time bat If they didn’t think it was serious and the very issue of her position this is precisely why it’s so serious. I’m sure we should leave this matter to the police because surely their the people who have full knowledge and the extent and seriousness of this situation. So let’s leave it to the professionals Grey

  5. Serious? It’s a flipping framed photograph! Seems the CPS have taken a similar view and quite rightly so in my opinion. However, I suppose we will have to agree to disagree on this one Georgy.

  6. I am so bored of hearing about this, will the police go into Grays town centre and deal with all the drunks that litter the place instead.


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