Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Passage to India for Ormiston Park Academy

International Inspiration is at the forefront of the scheme that Ormiston Park Academy have been running with a partnership school in India.

Last year, they decided to embed an international dimension and global citizenship into their curriculum. They began a project, which aimed to develop an understanding and level of trust between young people in different societies, creating a safe, and more connected world for the future.

The exciting journey was in partnership with a number of other schools in the authority.Assistant Vice-Principal, Mrs Hunnisett worked collaboratively with Dilkes Primary and East Tilbury Infants, which linked the Thurrock Schools to schools in India.

Last year, Mr Joshi, Head Teacher of Subhash, Shivaji Nagar school in India, spent a week in Thurrock. Mr Joshi was very impressed with the Primary Schools and Academy and the commitment from the staff when he first visited the UK. He was in awe of the students and loved the entertainment provided for him during the celebration at Ormiston Park Academy. He then returned to India having made the collaboration even stronger.

Following that, the exciting cross continental projects have been a consistent success with some of our year 7 and year 8 students working on a project entitled ‘Through the Window’ where they have been learning about the differences in cultures.

The 28th January will see Collette Hunnisett return the visit with a forthcoming visit to four link schools in Bhopal, India. One school in particular which she will be paying extra special attention to is the Government School of Excellence, Subhash, Shivaji Nagar. Ran by Head Teacher and Governor of Indian Education, Mr Joshi, Mr Joshi said, “92% of our children are from the surrounding slums. The school is desperately poor- our library has one table and one chair, but we remain in good spirits day upon day and we are continually improving.”

Connecting classrooms builds lasting partnerships between groups of schools in the UK and around the world. Through these partnerships, the programme develops trust and understanding between people in different societies, creating a safer and more connected world for the future. By bringing an international dimension to their learning, they will enable young people to develop the skills and cultural awareness they need to become active global citizens, which will prepare them for life and work in a global society.

OPA are now hoping that the Indian schools will leave a lifetime impression on Collette, who will then share it with her students, hoping that the students gain an important insight into the understanding of the world in which we live in.


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