Saturday, June 15, 2024

Progress, development and fresh ideas in Aveley

AVELEY Village Community Forum is celebrating a £50,000 grant from the Tudor Trust. The two year grant will let the forum expand its work with young people. Forum Chair, Alan Field, said “The Tudor Trust grant has given us a great opportunity to work with older young people, especially those who have left school and have not taken up any further education or got a job. We are using the grant to move two of our youth workers, Bal & Jade, from part time to full time. They will now be able to guide and support our young people and help them to make the most of their lives.

Our current Youth Centre activities will continue as usual but our workers will now be able to get out and about during the day as well as running specialised training programmes. With all the publicity about our NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) young people and their needs, it is wonderful to finally be able to do something to help change their lives. The Tudor Trust has a strong base in “Encouraging progress, development and fresh ideas” which nicely fits into what we are trying to achieve in Aveley”

The first programme AVCF will be running (in partnership with Thurrock Council’s Connexions Service) is a free 10 week training programme for 10 local young people. This will include work skills training, community work, personal development and other activities designed to help them back into training or into a job. The programme starts on 20th February and if you are interested in taking part please ring Aveley Youth & Community Centre on 01708 862001.


  1. Good on you Alan Field, Aveley community centre seem to have it right, cannot say that for SORA, I have not seen SORA do anything to benifit our South Ockendon youngsters, but I have seen Alan Field out and about ,he does not stop.
    Prob too much to ask from sora.


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