Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Ceremony held at holocaust memorial garden

CIVIC AND FAITH leaders gathered together at the Holocaust memorial gardens on Orsett Road, Grays to pay tribute to the millions that perished under the hands of the Nazi regime in europe.

Led by Rev Darren Barlow, political leaders and faith leaders spoke out against prejudice from the past and at present.

They were joined by a large audience including many of the students who had recently visited Auschwitz.


  1. Well done Thurrock Council, good to see civic leaders and both Cllr John kent and Cllr Phil Anderson but i noticed that Metcalf MP and his aid were not there, which is not surprising given the recent sentiments about disabled people, reminds me of the very comments made by the nazi regime about disabled people. Bravo Cllr Anderson some very thoughtful and sincere comments about equality in Thurrock. very genuine and inspiring comments. maybe there is hope for the local conservative party!!


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