Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Budget passed after marathon session

THE ruling Labour group were triumphant tonight after their budget was passed at a full council meeting.

Every Labour councillor voted for the budget as well as the two Independent councillors for East Tilbury.

Council leader John Kent told the council that the Thurrock council tax was the lowest council tax in Essex.

In a marathon four hour session, the leader set out the plan for the next fiscal year.

Cllr Kent said: “I am proud to recommend no increase in the level of Council Tax for the second year of this administration….in spite of further funding cuts from the government of £4 million.

Under Labour Thurrock’s council tax is the lowest in Essex. Thurrock’s Band D is £1,103; Southend’s is £1,121 and the rest vary between £1,462 (Tendring) and £1,544 (Basildon).

The leader went out to detail a number of plans for the year.

He said: “We have delivered £10 million in savings and are on track to have saved £32 million by 2013 whilst at the same time rebuilding the council’s balances back up to £8 million.

Other plans were:

1. Reduce the amount of senior management, saving £300k
2. Help create 200 apprenticeships in the borough.
3. Recycling rates stand at 46%

Investment plans include

1. £2 million to ensure all our older people can access good quality care.
2. £1 million to ensure meet demands on child social care.
3. £250,000 to deal with homelessness.
4. £125,000 to deal with rogue landlords.

1. The transformation agenda will save £4 million.
2. £850,000 from better use of office space.
3. £240,000 on stationary

The leader added: “In future, we will need to maximise the income we achieve from new areas such as the New Homes Bonus, Community Infrastructure Levy, the promised localisation of business rates and the ability to borrow against future tax receipts.”

The leader went on to slam the government over increasing costs in fuel and food.
He said: “Child tax credit cuts for many, winter fuel allowances cut, child benefits frozen and a dictated 7.1% rent increase.

Councillor Kent concluded: “I believe this is a fair and responsible budget, a budget that looks forward to the future challenges.”


  1. Strategy, what strategy? This is an officer lead budget, as once again the labour group are void of their own ideas!!!
    Good night Labour, however should they cling to power in May it will be good night Thurrock!!!!!!!!

  2. Why did the comrade choose to attack the current government over things he clearly knows nothing about or is, once again, in denial about because it was originally a policy brought in by the last Labour shambles of government. The government doesn’t control commodity prices or set prices in supermarkets. The fuel duty rises were the last Labour governments idea. The Labour party increased benefits by £57 billion a year while they were in government so this is clearly unaffordable and encourages the poor to remain in the poverty trap and continue to vote for Labour. The rent increase calculation was also brought in by the last Labour government. Poor old comrade. Clealry another Labour party member that should be consigned to the care home with tea and biscuits.

  3. Have i woken up in the twilight zone? What has this conservative administration ever done that had any imagination? This budget is about tackling the years of tory overspending, putting the house in order, saving and investing responsibly for the future. Labour is committed to local people, equality and fairness. The conservatives as usual have nothing more than blah blah moan to offer residents. Cllr Gledhill and others on the conservative group attacking the budget is hypocrisy gone mad. Glee Gledhill is an example of a far right extremist who would be better placed in a west end musical rather than speaking on any budget issues. There is no integrity or understanding of the local issues or challenges that face Thurrock. The conservatives winning in May would be like an asteroid hitting Thurrock!! total destruction.

  4. Upthreads is bang on.

    Gary, I do value the comments you make on here but this budget is nothing more than trying to win votes in May. Please do not forget that it was our last Labour government that has caused a great deal of the mess we are now in and even if they clung on after the General Election in 2010 they too would be making the same cuts. What we cannot have is a repeat of the late 70s with Britian balancing on the brink of bankrupcy.

    While I don’t agree with everything the coalition are doing and I am hardly the biggest Cameron fan, I fail to understand what Labour woild have done diferently other than spending more money?

    As to your last remark, I would have said that the asteroid has already hit Thurrock about 60 odd years ago in the form of the countless Labour councils who have made sure that Thurrock has prospered much slower than our neighbours in Brentwood and Havering. If anything it will be down to the Tories to try and turn decades of ‘destruction’ around.

  5. Bernard87 always enjoy a good exchange of valuable points with you. I accept that most of these politicians will use budgets to win votes. Another sound point you make is that we cannot have a repeat of the 70’s. Whilst i don’t agree that the tories will turn things around. i do agree that both parties will need to do more to prove they have what it takes to really improve the lives of local residents in Thurrock.

  6. Editors comment “Every Labour Councillor voted for the budget”. I know one Labour Councillor who did not vote for the budget he could not be bothered to attend the Council meeting or send his apologies.
    Who was this absentee Councillor? Cllr Kiely.

  7. Hardly a marathon session. Some local authorities have no closing time for meetings so they can go on for 5 or 6 hours plus. That way every part of the budget is properly debated and every decision can be seen to be scrutinised. Most Thurrock meetings end at 9.30pm.

  8. “Dave Peterson Tilbury” Earlier than 9:30 pm sometimes, after all the Councillors believe they have more important things to do with their time. Forgive Michael Casey’s [Editor YT] comment “marathon session”, marathons are uppermost in his thoughts at the moment as he is due to run one in aid of St Luke’s Hospice. All donations for his efforts will be greatly appreciated.

  9. The average time to complete a marathon is 5hours this session was well short of this average time. The world record is sub 3hrs so only in this context can the session be described as a marathon session. But there was nothing of world record status with this meeting or any of the contributions from the conservative side.


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