Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Tory challenge Labour over “failure to manage” Morrison contract.

THE BITTER WAR of words over the council budget as the Thurrock Tories lambast Labour over their management of the Morrison contract.

The Tories, who signed the contract in 2009 believe that it is the lack of management of the contract from May 2010 that is at the heart of the problem.

Conservative spokesman for Finance and Corporate Governance Cllr Rob Gledhill said “It is clear that Labour have failed to get to grips with the housing repair contract from the moment that they took office.

“The crucial computer connection between the Council and Morrisons was supposed be up and running within 6 months, but it still isn’t working properly.

“Labour’s own cabinet papers show that it took 18 months before they even had an action plan to start fixing the problems, by which time the service was in chaos. This complete failure of political leadership from the top, has led to a £2 million plus overspend paid for by cuts in planned repairs and an inflation busting rent increase.

“Do our residents deserve such a poor performing and lousy run service? I don’t think so but Labour clearly do!”

Conservative leader Cllr Phil Anderson added “Labour neglected the housing repairs service until it hit crisis point. Even now they are refusing to accept responsibility, instead blaming the Contract, the Computers, the Conservatives – anyone but themselves. Their approach has been like driving with your eyes closed then blaming the car manufacturer when you crash. How can they expect people to trust them to run an entire council when they can’t even manage one contract?”


  1. A failure of effective opposition not to raise these concerns earlier?

    And please remind me who was in control when this contract was rubber stamped and who rejected all attempts by Labour to call this decision in?

    Could it have been the Conservatives? Why wasn’t the computer link set up from the first day the contract started?

  2. I couldn’t agree more with Dave Peterson, the conservatives have lost the plot they find themselves challenging decisions which they introduced. Have they all gone barmy. The problem with people like Cllr Gledhill is that he is a career politician, he would like to be the leader but has no hope, so spends most of his time, trying to score political points.

    However i will say that the contract with Morrison is something that needs to be sorted. This type of issue is something that both parties should be looking at and is the first challenge from the conservatives that has some merit.

  3. Is this the same Morrison so beloved of Thurrock Tories that have been slung out of Havering, in trouble with their contract in Birmingham? Feel a doze of Gledhill verbal diahorria coming on in the lead up to the local elections.

  4. Anyone for a game of political ping pong?? both Thurrock Labour and Tories are becoming a joke now……….

  5. The long and short of the matter is that housing repairs are not being done and a new contract needs to be negotiated with Morrisons. If Labour had looked into the problems earlier (as they must have been aware) then things may not have got so messy. Labour cannot be blamed for taking out the contract but they seem to have trouble with actually managing.

    Its a classic case of wanting power but when you have it you don’t quite know what to do; which is no good for Thurrock.

  6. The only thing more hurtful to my senses that the picture of Cllr Coxshall is this telly tubby who parades as a politician. I think C100boyz puts it nicely the ‘verbal diahorria’ of Cllr Gledhill is worst that the usual stomach upset i get after a vindaloo and two pints of fosters. I have to agree with Trisca Cllr Gledhill is no more than a career politician whose only claim to fame is a complete failure as a politician. What really needs ‘housing repairs ‘ is conservative politics in Thurrock. But the sad fact is that with no real policies or strategies the only thing politicians like Cllr Gledhill can do is moan about Labour. it is lazy politics and the conservatives need to get their house in order. I suggest we send Morrisons to help them do some repairs!!

  7. As an opposition party your role is to scrutinise what the controlling party do and this is what the Tories have been doing. I do not see nothing wrong in the Conservatives highlighting that the Labour Group have struggled to manage the Morrisons contract effectively.

  8. Gary comparing Cllr Gledhill is extremelly rude and upsetting to Laa Laa, Dipsy, Po and Tinky Winky.

    What have these lovable children’s characters done to deserve to be compared to such a man?

    Don’t you care about the young children that might read your comments, look at the photo of Cllr Gledhill and suffer severe mental anguish and nightmares. Before posting such cruel statements about the Teletubies think of the children you could be harming Gary 🙁

    Your other comments about this useless tub of moaning lard are spot on though.

  9. Dave Peterson Tilbury i have to apologize for my comments, i had not thought about the impact on Laa Laa Dipsy, Po and in particular Tinky Winky. I would like to take back some of my previous comments and say publicly that these kind and good natured characters know as Telly tubbies have no resemblance to the lazy politician known as Cllr Gledhill. A telly tubby for example is educational and Cllr Gledhill is not. Dave i do care about what these young children might think, and i fully accept all your points. Thank you for pointing out the error in my comments and your more accurate description of this ‘useless tub of moaning lard’ Cllr Gledhill.

  10. Who cares whos to blame it just needs to get sorted, but its time the truth was said . The in house workforce that was handed over by this council is not up to the job. You have to many workman who are not skilled enough and do not want to work. Out of 30 so called tradesman you have the best part of 10 who want to work and i am 1 of them. Who would want to be morrison takeing on a workforce that does not want to work . But i will say morrison do need to inprove and have to understand it is a repairs contract and NOT a mangnent contract . WE DO NOT WANT CONTRACTERS TO DO THE JOBS JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN MAKE 45% MORE, This is a wake up call for morrison you have a 80% inhouse tagret in your cointract with the council

    I am a tradesman who is highly skilled and would be willing to help sort out this mess by giveing my opion and attending meetings, you can reach me on this email address “”


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