Monday, September 26, 2022

Hipsey slams “rule-bending” Tories

THURROCK Councils planning committee chairman, councillor Terry Hipsey has raised concerns over councillors who are “attempting to bend” the councils constitutional rules to either attempt to “score cheap political points” or who try to submit objection statements well after submission time has lapsed.

Councillor Hipsey said: “I honestly believe that some councillors think the constitution is some type of “a la carte menu” where one can pick and choose bits they want to abide by and some parts to ignore. In recent months we have even heard of Conservative councillors claiming of being gagged or democracy isn’t being carried out.

“It is certainly an unedifying spectacle for experienced Conservative councillors who try to disguise their ignorance by blaming their mistakes on the councils constitution.

“The very same constitution that is amended or updated at the beginning of every new municipal year and voted in by ALL councillors.

“It is vitally important that all business conducted by the planning committee is in strict abidance to the council’s constitution.

If we chose to ignore those rules then the council could be exposed to legal challenge or costs.

Yet it surprised me that a veteran and experienced councillor thought she would try and lodge an objection well after the statement submission deadline against one of Thursday evenings planning applications.

Councillors who expect me to rip up or bend the rules for them so the planning applicants can claim their applications are not being dealt with fairly are very much mistaken.

“So before any Conservative councillors issues another press release complaining about democracy, I can only repeat the words of the councils chief executive in his letter of the 17th October 2011 to all councillors advising them that “if any member is unclear on any aspect of how the councils constitution works to approach the monitoring officer who will be able to give assistance, support and training where necessary”.


  1. We have to congratulate Cllr Hipsey for pointing out something that has become all too familiar, tory councillors trying to bend the rules. Over the last few months it has been an ongoing drama with the tories in the press moaning about something. The usual suspects Cllr Coxshall or Cllr Revell both far right activists. These conservatives are always complaining about rules but then using planning as an opportunity to bend the constitution. What they are not prepared for is Cllr Hipsey who dare i say having worked with these backstabbing conservatives knows exactly how to deal with them. Well done Hipsey.

  2. A few examples are Cllr Coxshall complaining to the press a Council meeting ended at 9.30pm because he failed to ask for an extension until after the Mayor had closed the meeting despite the Mayor twice reminding councillors the meeting was about to end. What did he do? Whinge to the press.

    Then we have Cllr Anderson complaining that there wasn’t a debate after a 2000 signature petition on the Woodview college site was handed into the council but forgetting to metion he had previously voted to exclude such petitions from triggering a council debate. What did he do – whinge to the press.

    The Conservatives over the past few months have just whinged and moaned but failed to explain what their policies will be for the borough.

  3. Gary/Dave- Let me get this straight- When a conservative member of the council goes to the press it is whinging? but should a labour member go to the press , it is simply informing us voters?
    First of all how can anybody from any party,take anything that this man says seriously?
    Second I would be very surprised if this man had ever seen an “a la carte menu” let alone understand what it means, and as for rule bending, surely you can only comment on that if you follow the rules yourself?
    But gentlemen to put it in your own words, “how does all this bickering in the press help the poor suffering people in Thurrock that have been let down by this administration, lets face it there is no reason to vote for labour to continue to bring down this borough at the next elections, so lets just hope and pray that the smoke and mirrors used by the labour administration in EVERYTHING they do, is seen by the voters and they are finally sent packing.

  4. Anyone would think turncoat Terry, despised on both sides, had an election to win. Surely Labour haven’t selected him for Stanford West – couldn’t they find one of their own? Gemma Robins?

  5. Hipsey’s position is compromised due to his changing loyalties from Tory to Labour. Having said that, his points illustrate; yet again, that politics in Thurrock is in a complete mess. There is a reason that the Council is pretty much hung and that’s because neither main party can put together a cohesive team or a coherent argument to win voters over in enough numbers to win conclusively.

  6. Hmm, Hipsey the TurnCoat speaking about point scoring, does anyone actually take anything he says seriously anymore????

  7. Love him or hate him as some obviously do, hipsey really knows how to get under the paper thin skin of the Tories.

  8. Hipsey the turncoat? dont make me laugh, he was the most genuine tory there was. Did you expect him to stand by while the Cllr Mcphersons, Cllr Revells and other turncoat tories made a mockery of his leadership. As Colin says ‘he knows how to get under the paper thin skin of the Tories’ Hipsey we salute you!!

  9. Hahahahah, Colin & Trisca, I love it that you actually think I am a Tory, you are so very wide of the mark 🙂

  10. Trisca is such a laugh, she says “Hipsey the turncoat? dont make me laugh, he was the most genuine tory there was.” So much so Trisca that he changed sides to Labour! Now there’s a true Tory for you! Come on Trisca, think about what you are saying. People like Hipsey bend with the wind. If in the future the only way is Tory, Mr Hipsey will have another Damascene conversion and change sides again.

  11. Isn’t it a shame that the only thing some people can criticise

     this man for is that he decided enough was enough.

    Let’s face some interesting facts 

    We have had Tories stealing wine 

    tories threatening landlords with their license

    tories stating they have a way around planning

    Tories meeting developers.


    then we have

    Cllr Hipsey left to become a labour member oh gosh

    Cllr. Haslam left  to be a concerned conservative 

    Cllr Chela left   To be a concerned conservative 

    Cllr Harrison left  to be a convened conservative 


    Perhaps we should bring back hanging and the crime should be

    Oh dear coming to ones senses and realizing that the Tories are unworkable.

    Yet let’s not forget one of this countries greatest MP’s also had a change of heart on where his political views were.

    Isn’t it called Freedom,  

    You keep fighting Cllr Hipsey 

    sticks and stones 

  12. Sallyb, your argument doesn’t work. If Mr Hipsey found so many problems within his own party he should have stayed on to fight for his beliefs and try to turn the party around. He didn’t, he jumped ship to Labour, a Party with ideals very different to the Tory party. The other Cllrs you mention were Conservatives and still are Conservatives albeit operating outside of the local Party. And lastly, do you really think Mr Hipsey bears comparison to Churchill? That, surely, is a joke?

  13. Gray64
    I didn’t compare Cllr Hipsey with Churchill,please re- read.
    The other cLlrs mentioned are not conservative, if they were then they wouldn’t of backed labour would they.
    You totally miss the point. We have young men and women going to fight a war in peace time, and a great number of them not returning home. For the right of freedom. I just get annoyed when I comtinuly see the petty mindnes you continually read on here .every man women Nd child has a given right to change their opinion on something, but as I say why not bring back hanging.

  14. Trisca, as per the Cambridge Dictionary, Turncoat: a person who changes from one opinion to an opposite one in a way which shows they are not loyal to people who share the original opinion

    So I think you will find that the label actually sits well with Mr Hipsey…

  15. Sallyb, which great politician did you mean then? If you are talking about Cllr Hipsey and then mention one of our greatest politicians you are making a comparison, I accept that maybe you did not intend that but it is what you wrote. The other Cllrs are Conservative, that’s why they are called Concerned Conservatives. It is entirely correct for member of any side of the political spectrum to support the views of the opposing side from time to time if that is what their heart tells them to do. It doesn’t mean that they have to change sides to do it. It happens in Parliament all the time so you have put up yet another non argument. Your second paragraph has nothing to do with any of the points raised.

  16. Unfortunately in politics people prefer to back the ‘team’ who they think have greater chance of winning. It’s less about policies and principles and more about power.

    Gray64 is right, you can be a Tory and still believe in some Labour ideas and vice versa, there’s nothing wrong in that. Nor do you have to believe in everything your party says, but to change sides shows that you don’t really believe in anything. You go whichever way the wind blows like Mr Hipsey.

    Here’s hoping he loses his seat in May


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