Monday, September 26, 2022

Labour launch 2012 local election campaign

THURROCK Labour’s 2012 local election campaign got under way as the troops gathered in Ockendon.

Labour know that there are three or four key seats to win as well as a few others they have their eye on.

Their Ockendon candidate is Martin Kerin, who over the past few months has certainly been putting in the hard yards.

Martin and the team welcomed Baroness Smith of Basildon, as she gave her support on the streets.

YT took the opportunity to speak to the Baroness about the campaign as well as a few of the issues that she has discussed on the floor of the House of Commons.


  1. I am still trying to work out what Barroness Smith actually did to get that title???

    Well this is the start of the campaigning, lets get ready to see pictures of candidates from both parties, that nobody has heard of since the last elections filling, up the local media, wonder if Cllr Kielly will make an appearence or will he be too busy cozying up with Mr Livingstone to care about his constituency???

    The strapline for TBC shoudl be ” Welcome to Thurrock, We Are The Councill That Cares, About Ourselves Not The The Locals” šŸ˜‰

  2. Ed, you state that the Labour Ockendon candidate has “put in the hard yards”, however I cannot remember seeing him about, not half as much as I saw Cllr Kiely in the run up to the elections, and look what happened there, he did a vanishing act. Would Mr Kerrin be the same? I may have used this line before but I believe it to be true of the labour group, they are very good campaigners, but very poor local councillors, Kiely is the perfect example.

  3. I beg to differ there chickenfeed1 it is not only Kiely that is the perfect example it is the whole Labour camp.

  4. It would not surprise me candour , but as a resident of Ockendon I only really can comment on that area

  5. I lived in South Ockendon for thirty years and never had one polititian or local councillor call at my door!
    Perhaps I was just lucky.

  6. jmw118, I am the same, been in Grays 15years now and the only time I had a candidate at the door was last year, two labour party members knocked, asked if i would be voting for them, when I replied that i had not yet made my mind up they walked away without saying a word, guess they didn’t need my vote then šŸ™‚


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