Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Cameron on a “privatised road to nowhere” says council leader Kent

THURROCK COUNCIL leader, John Kent has questioned the prime ministers decision to look at “privatising” parts of the roads system in the UK.

The government has decided that this week it wants to talk about building more toll roads across the country – and insists any new tolls would be collected through free flow tolling.

Thurrock Council has been addressing the government to make a decision on implementing free flow tolling at the Dartford crossing.

Thurrock Council Leader, Cllr John Kent says: “We have been asking for free-flow tolling to be introduced at the crossing for ages, but the government just prevaricates.

“We said time and again, free-flow will slash the congestion, free-flow will boost business and free-flow will make our residents’ lives easier.

“Yet on Monday I saw the prime minister quoted as saying: ‘There’s nothing green about a traffic jam – and gridlock holds the economy back’.

“Exactly the point we’ve been making, so why the delay? I realise it can’t happen overnight, but the decision could be taken today and work started in a reasonable time.

“It’s greener and it’s economically sound — so says the PM and so says Thurrock Council. Let’s see some action on this now.”


  1. Rode privatisation should be a non starter, if they really want to raise more funds for the roads any government should remove the road tax from vehicles and stick an additional 1p on the price of a litre, that way those who use the roads more or have gas guzzlers pay more towrds the upkeep of the roads.

    We all know the affects of having toll booth on the roads, just look at the Dartford Bridge/Tunnel. the major reason for the congestion is due to cars stopping to pay the tolls.

    The motorist is an easy target for any government, we are already taxed to the hilt for owning a vehicle so we should not be paying tolls on the roads.

  2. Tories and their stealth taxes. Went into the General Election promising to scrap tolls and now want to stick them everywhere!

  3. Dave, you are correct, however on the flip side Labour came into power offering the world and lower taxes then proceeded to screw the whole country with their excessive spending and uncontrollable debt, so no side really comes out smelling of roses.

    May be a time for both parties to step back and reflect on the whole situation and actually agree to get us out of the mess with joint measures……or even a seperate independent party to run the country

  4. I agree, this idea is nonsense. I wonder who comes up with this stuff. Remove the toll booths at Dartford and see what a difference it will make to traffic going round the M25.

  5. Cllr Kent, I agree with you, this road should have free flowing tolls, if the tolls are not to be removed completely, but it was hardly your idea.


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