Monday, September 26, 2022

Mayor threatens to eject councillor as meeting descends into rancour

SOMETIMES, the last council meetings of the civic year, are very much like an end of season football match that peters out to a goal-less draw but last nights meeting, the last before they go off to fight for the local elections in May was full of rancour, bitterness, vitriol and recrimination.

Tempers started to flair as an indignant Tory leader, cllr Phil Anderson flew into a rage over what he believes is an attempt to “gag” him over the possible sale of Thurrock libraries.

But after that the Tories went on the attack, flying into Labour on a number of issues such as: T-Fest, standards in primary schools, the NHS, policing and much more.

An effective opposition is not there to bowl underarm and instead the bouncers and the beamers (have we changed sports?-Ed) continued to rein down.

Matters came to a head when deputy leader of the Labour group, cllr Val Morris-Cook spoke on a matter. Tory councillors, Ben Maney and Mark Coxshall entered into a conversation. Cllr Morris-Cook expressed her irritation at this. Cllr Maney said: “I’ll be with you in a minute.”

The Mayor of Thurrock, cllr Charles Curtis warned the councillor regarding his “bad manners’ for which the Blackshots councillor apologised. But minutes later, cllr Coxshall began to discuss matters again during a speech.

The Mayor interjected again, saying: “If you want to talk, go outside!”

The local elections are on Thursday May 3rd.


  1. Oh boy I bet that would have made good TV, as jmw118 has said, it sounds like the school playground rather than a council chamber.

    I bet the YT photographer is going to be very busy over the next few weeks with all these candidates out for their publicity shoots and showing us all what they have done since being in office………so looking forward to seeing that…..

  2. Unfortunately I was not present at last night’s meeting, my first absence in over 2 years, an attendance record better than some Councillors. Whilst I understand the irritation felt by Cllr Morris-Cook regarding the conduct of Cllrs Maney and Coxsall she would do well to consider her own conduct and that of some of her colleagues. I refer to the use of mobile phones in the Council chamber during the conduct of business. I have often observed her and other Labour Councillors, it seems to be an addiction peculiar to Labour Cllrs, with their noses buried in their mobile phones whilst other Cllrs are speaking or debating rather than giving their full attention to the business of the meeting. For all I know they could be “texting” “tweeting” or even playing a game, whatever they are doing on their mobile phones I suspect that it has very little to do with the matters being discussed. It is, to say the least, discourteous and shows a lack of respect for all the Councillors in attendance diligenty applying themselves to the business of the Council.

  3. Its always refreshing to read the comments from Peter Perrin. They are so more believable than some of the dribble from our so called elected leaders & Co.
    Peter why don’t you stand in the coming elections as an Independant?.
    I for one would vote for you!

  4. Tory party bagmen Coxhall and Maney misbehaving, being rude and discourteous, now there is a surprise! Word has it that Cllr Maney has some hatred challenges in life.

  5. I look forward to the day when these meetings take place in front of cameras so tthat Thurrock residents can see how their local councillors behave in the chamber. Cllr and Maney are well known to act like a school boys in the chamber perhaps the leader should split them up like a good teacher would.

    But then if rumours are correct he threw his toys out of the pram this week when he was accused by Cllr Kent of misleading the chamber over the sale of thurrocks libraries.

  6. All council meeting should be filmed and broadcast on YouTube. Some local authorities do this.

    Every full Council meeting at Thurrock Council is already recorded. The sound files should be made available for people to listen on the Council’s website – again some councils already do this.

    Perhaps one of our more forward looking Councillors or Community Campaigners – or internet based local news channell – should be demanding the Council release their archive of sound files of council meeting onto their website for residents to listen to them.

    As 99.999 percent of residents never attend full council meeting this will give us all an oppurtunity to listen to what really goes on and take into context some of the statements our councillors make.

    This can only be good for local democracy. Will a forward looking council do this though?


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