Thursday, October 6, 2022

So farewell then……

USUALLY, at the last council meeting of the municipal year, those councillors who are standing down, get to make a valedictory speech. Two years ago, there was a bit of a row as they went on for 45 minutes.

But on Wednesday night, it went from one extreme to another. YT understands that five Conservative councillors are standing down but for some reason cllr Phil Anderson, in his one minute tribute, tacked on as people were getting their coats, not one of them was mentioned by name.

So, if we get it wrong and reports of your retirement are somewhat premature, then we do apologise. And we are sorry if the details are a bit sketchy but…

Cllr Diane Revell (Orsett)

Diane was mayor between 2006-07 and brought a real feel of class and distinction to the role. Going to the mayor’s parlour was an event and the room had (and still does) retained a feel of ceremonial dignity.

Diane was also a very good chair of the council meetings. The best we have had for some time.

Indeed, Diane and her husband Mike had moved to Orsett in the seventies when there wasn’t a Conservative group and used it to develop a real power base but also a real sense of identity for the Conservative group.

Diane was part of the traditional Conservative philosophy that was liberated under Margaret Thatcher and underpinned by a desire to see business flourish and aspiration be at the heart of Thurrock.

Cllr Amanda Arnold (Ockendon)

In 2003, mother-of-three responded to an article by Val Liddiard in the Thurrock Gazette about women in politics. In 2004, she was elected as a councillor and since then her star continued to ascend.

Her handling of the adult social care portfolio was very deft indeed as well as her commitment to her ward.
Too young, too bright and too much potential to disappear from the political scene. She will return…….

Cllr Danny Nicklen (Stanford East and Corringham Town)

Being a councillor in Thurrock can be a goldfish bowl and it can be hard when you are still growing up. So, Corringham Danny did a lot of growing up in public but he came through it and developed into a very good local councillor and a skilled committee member.

The bottom line is that he will use the four years as a learning curve and as a small part of what we will sure be a considerable and distinguished CV.

Danny was interested in both local and national issues and cared as well. We wish him the best (unless he changes his mind of course…..)

Cllr Steven Veryard (South Chafford)

Steven disapeared from view over the last year but he was the type of person that the Thurrock Conservatives need to nurture if they are going to build up their base. The local businessman who feels he can add value to his community by being a councillor.

Steven was particularly skilled on the planning committee.

Cllr Amanda Prevost (Aveley and Uplands)

Amanda started out with vim and gusto as a politics graduate and was very much embedded into the Aveley community. Just like John Cowell and Wendy Herd. In many ways, life moved on, with marriage, new house etc. Again, like Danny and looking at the bigger picture, Amanda can use the four years as part of her CV and part of a life experience. In many ways, that is what any person in their twenties should do.




  1. How very sad that Phil Anderson did not aknowledge the wonderful work these councillors have done over the years, how disheartning for them. I can say that I have had the pleasure of knowing Amanda Arnold for the last year and found her to be one of the nicest people I have ever met in my 57 years. I know she will go on to better things and will recieve the respect and acknowledgement she so deserves. Her accomplishments have been outstanding for her community and should well be recognised. Good luck our friend, our thanks will always be part of our memory to you.

  2. It is quite shameful that cllr Anderson did not acknowledge the tremendouse work that Cllr Amanda Arnould,Cllr Dianne Revell & Cllr Steve Verryard had archived
    These people worked hard since 1994, yet Anderson can’t even have the respect to acknowledge the fact.
    It has been whispered about for quite a while that cllr Revell would step down due to her age, yet one does wonder if the other two just became to much of a threat to the leader

  3. I think SallyB has hit the nail on the head. Was Ms Arnold unhappy that Cllr Anderson hit the ground running as a councillor – would she have been happy if he had shut up and sat on the back benches for a couple of years and allowed the more experienced councilors to run the show? Is her decision to stand down because of her failed attempt to take the leadership of the Conservative Group as this had to be abandoned when nobody would support her?

    Your Thurrock has been very kind in their statement above – focusing on their positive achievements and not mentioning their failings – almost the sort of statement Cllr Anderson should have been making – perhaps he is just happy that future threats and potential embarresments are leaving – at least three of the councillors are either planing or have already left Thurrock for more pleasant places to live.

  4. How very sad Dave Peterson continues to come out with dribble. Are you unaware that its Mrs Arnold and not Ms Arnold? You are entitled to your opinion but I think Candour was right (lacking brain cells) Please get your facts right and get rid of that chip on your shoulder, then maybe we can all enjoy reading your comments.

  5. If any of the information in my statement is incorrect then I would apologise and correct it.

    As for Councilors leaving the borough then one isn’t planning to move to Southend, another isn’t planning to move to Colchester and one hasn’t moved across the Thames to Kent?

    Ms Arnolds and Cllr Anderson are of course best of friends and Ms Arnold has never made any hostile comments about him at all ever.

    Ms or Mrs – I didn’t think Ms Arnold was married? If she is again I apologies in advance for calling her Ms instead of Mrs.

    The story is about the complete failure of the current Leader of the Conservative group failing to properly recognise his five retiring councillors at the last full council meting before the local elections.

  6. Oh not another five going ?. Even McDonalds don’t go through staff as quick as Thurrock Tories do.


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