Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Labour act on “Tory failure” to deal with dangerous dogs

LABOUR parliamentary candidate, Polly Billington has responded to Thurrock Council’s action to tackle dangerous dogs in the borough.

The action comes after a recent spate of attacks including one on a cat in Brandon Groves, South Ockendon, which proved fatal.

Ms Billington said: “I am pleased that Thurrock council is acting to deal with the dangerous dogs issue in our community. Clearly more can be done at a local level to protect the public and keep dangerous dogs under control.

“But the Tory-led government is dragging its feet on this issue and people here want them to take action now.

“The Government’s consultation on dangerous dogs ended nearly two years ago, and since then all we’ve had is dither and delay.

“Nearly 100 people are treated in hospital each week, and people are rightly sickened by recent attacks from aggressive and uncontrolled dogs.

“People’s support for my campaign indicates they really do want action to be taken at national level too.

“I am urging the government to act now, and prevent injuries -and fatalities – to front-line workers carrying out their jobs, or children and families who want to be able to walk down the street and play in our open spaces without fear.”


  1. More stupid soundbytes by this deranged politician, does she not recall her own party doing very little about the Dangerous Dogs Act whilst they were in power, she is now starting to sound like the typical winging Labour politician who beleives that their own party has done nothing wrong.

    Polly do us all a favour and go back to Ed and sto trying to poke your nose into a community that you know very little or absolutley nothing about.

    Why cant Labour find a loacl person to stand as their local MP rather than trying to draft in outsiders that have no connection at all with the borough

  2. If you go back to 2010 when Labour were in power they had the opportunity to pass a bill for compulsory owner-insurance for dogs but they performed one of their normal U turns.

    Dog licences should be bought back onto the political agenda and driven through the laws, any responsible owner will get a licence for their dog and those who do not will be easy to trace.

  3. Because Labour think they have a chance of winning Thurrock back so they don’t mind drafting in Eds Best mate Polly from the socialist utopia of Inner London. It also shows what Labour HQ think about their councillors in Thurrock since they didn’t choose one to stand in 2015.
    It’s a known fact that Labour believe their party started in 2010 after the general election.

  4. Thanks for that Lambo, but you forgot to mention that JDP only moved down to Purfleet after winning in Thurrock.
    She worked for the Sheffield Enterprise Agency, the South Yorkshire Police.
    Then in 2005 was Tory candidate for Sheffield Hillsborough, coming third with 15% of the vote.
    Like I said before, also drafted in for Thurrock, just like PB.

  5. She wasn’t jmw118 – Shes lived in Purfleet for years.

    Polly doesn’t live here and has no serious intention of moving here. We are just not posh enough for her and her champagne socialist pals.

  6. What a load of waffle. Thurrock Council cannot even clear up the dog poo let alone carry out another legislation they choose to ignore.

  7. on a slightly different note, there are far too many flipping cats wandering the streets lately, where I live, in Ockendon, is awash with them. I wouldn’t be too sad to see the odd one snuffled up by a bored pooch.


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