Sunday, September 25, 2022

Cash boost on the shop front for Thurrock

Thurrock Council was informed that it was one of several areas the government was granting £100,000 to.

The £10 million overall fund is being used “to support empty properties on our high streets, and those areas affected by the riots” — it is different from the Mary Portas fund Thurrock Council is bidding for.

Thurrock Chief Executive, Graham Farrant, said: “The deadline for the Grays town centre Mary Portas bid is today and we are changing our bid.

“We have already said we want to use around £100,000 in Section 106 money to support the Mary Portas bid, now we are taking account of this extra £100,000 so, if we win, we will could have around £300,000 to help reinvigorate the town.

“If we are not lucky enough to win the bid, the remaining £200,000 could still be available.”

He added that there had been some confusion over the way the latest grant had been announced, but that as Thurrock had not sent in its Grays town centre “Town Team” bid when it found out about the £100,000 the two funding streams were not exactly the same.



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