Wednesday, September 28, 2022

LG Networks-Re-branding with Pixelwork sees them: “Operate leaner, communicate faster”



THURROCK-BASED company LG Networks have proudly unveiled their new brand after working with brand agency Pixelwork on the design and a whole lot more.

North Stifford-based company Pixelwork take up the story.

“Directors Stuart and Brett Smallcombe approached us with the problem of their company’s identity.

About to engage on a marketing drive they were not happy with the visual identity of their brand and asked us for help.

We felt there was more at stake here than just the look of the logo and that any approach we would take had to look at the brand from the ground up and of course cover all of the ‘touch points’ that a customer would have with them.

Having recently re-branded their company as London Gateway Networks we discovered that there was still some internal confusion as to the identity of the business amongst their team.

Some referred to the company as “London Gateway Networks” whilst others used “LG Networks” or even “LGN”.

We also felt that their was an issue with the various public sector organisations using the terminology ”gateway” in their brand identities and when combined with “London” and “Networks” the company could easily be mistaken for a public sector business networking organisation.

We were not in the position to re-name the organisation but instead we quickly decided to use “LG Networks” and add an underpinning message / tag-line to reinforce and underpin the benefits of the brand.

In our research behind the offer of the company (products and services) we found there was a clear division from infrastructure services (structured cabling, security and lighting) and communication products (telephone systems, internet and leased lines). It was then a case of developing a tag-line that would immediately convey the benefits to the consumer of the brand.

This became “Operate Leaner….Communicate Faster”.

Operate Leaner – extolling the benefits of improving your infrastructure by making your organisation more efficient and Communicate Faster because everyone wants faster !

Once we had the naming established it was then a case of developing the visual identity. Here we looked at the history of the company, the products and services and got an overall feel for the core offer which all points towards cabling in some form or other (IP services these days can be utilised for anything from security systems to controlling lighting) so we started designing various cabling illustrations until we were happy with a more stylistic abstract version of a coiled cable.

We produced brand and style guidelines including tone of voice for any of the copy on the website and newsletters, a new website and various templates for stationary and proposals as well as design for social media channels Twitter and Facebook.

With a company such as LG Networks we knew that the brand would need to work on vehicle livery, uniforms and tradeshow exhibition stands.

As such we mocked up various examples of this working in the corporate brand guidelines. Our concept for the vans looked so good that they decided to use this concept and brand their vehicles in exactly this design and the result is outstanding. Really bold and dynamic and the feedback from the team and customers has been great.

We’re really looking forward to seeing all the other interpretations of the brand on the uniforms and working with the guys at LG Networks (who also installed our WSDSL by the way) on further ways we can take their brand online and offline.



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