Saturday, October 1, 2022

Ward by Ward: Chafford Hundred and North Stifford

FOUR YEARS AGO, Tory councillor Garry Hague retained this ward by 476 votes. There is no reason to suggest he won’t be returned by a similar majority.

Yes, the recent national polls suggest that the Tories are now lagging behind Labour but as you may know, Thurrock can sometimes act as its very own political micro-climate.

The last real challenge to the Conservatives in Chafford was by the earnest Lib-Dem Earnshaw Palmer who lost by 93 votes in 2007.

Since then it has been plain sailing for the Conservatives (apart from Chaffrica and Steven Veryard’s wobble).

There may be many voters who are feeling a little squeezed right now but they may well not register their protest, they may well stay at home.

Garry clearly found it tough going leading the council and running a business. It was a job he inherited because of Terry Hipsey’s defection. There were so many poisoned chalices it was no wonder he didn’t drown in hemlock!

But he is not being judged on that. He probably won’t be judged on his political convictions which may be just as well as some may say that agreeing with the last person you spoke to is not really an ideology.

Garry appears to address the needs of his residents: campaigning on Devonshire Road, the masts issue,the community forum, regular contact through surgeries.

Lib Dem James Donald garnered 127 votes last year. It was hardly an “Earnshaw” but then compared to the mullering his colleagues across the borough got, he did well.

James is of the same mindset as many Thurrock Lib-Dems in that, they are here for the long haul.

Andre Anderson is standing for Labour. It is his first time and so may struggle to register but if he fights on for a number of years and puts in the hard yards all year round then he may make an impact between now and 2015.

As for UKIP’s Alan Broad. He loves to stand. He loves to drive the anti-Euro van around. Perhaps, with the UKIP brand appealing this spring, he may also see his vote numbering in the hundreds rather than the 73 he gained in 2007.

Cons hold: 300 maj

Alan David Broad
UK Independence Party

Andre Anderson

Garry Paul John Hague

James Donald
Liberal Democrats


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