Monday, September 26, 2022

Ward by Ward: Little Thurrock Blackshots

OVER THE last few years, the Conservatives have won this ward by at least 500 votes. It would not surprise us if that remained the same. Little Thurrock Blackshots has not been immune from the recession. The double dip, the granny tax, the pasty tax will all bite deep.

That could mean the majority will lower to 300 or so but not much more.

If you live in a political bubble then it is easy to think that the good people of Little Thurrock Blackshots have followed every twist and turn of the controversial stories that surround cllr Joy Redsell.

But if you ask voters in the ward then some point to: her regular surgeries, her concerns over the green belt of Blackshots, her campaigning for safer parking at Deneholm primary, her concerns over the cladding of the high flats.

With the issue of the 350 homes on Woodview campus, yes, cllr Redsell voted for it ‘in general” but when the local development framework (LDF) came up again in November, cllr Redsell did say that because she was voting for the whole LDF in general, it did not mean she supported the Woodview application.

However, the Woodview residents seem to be less than impressed with cllr Redsell and there also appears to be a falling out with the Stifford Community Forum.

Certain people function well as back bench councillors and should remain there. It is when they over-reach themselves, that problems arise.

If you came here looking for extended reference to John Isabel,”Hampergate”, the Gull lightship then you will be disappointed. The ward by ward pieces try to look at the ward work in isolation.

But as we say, are these issues in the minds of the voters. Unlikely.

Lib-Dem candidate, Claire Jones has run an impressive campaign as one would expect from an events manager. You have the feeling that success will mean perhaps gaining 200 votes. Claire does have the word ‘Lib-Dem” after her name, which won’t help.

Let us not discount UKIP. Again, maybe they can rack up a few more votes.

YT prediction: Cons hold: 350

Claire Jones
Liberal Democrats

Eileen O’Reilly

Joycelyn Redsell

Raj Mistry
UK Independence Party


  1. Let’s hope that if elected, she also supports the sports hub that she voted for as part of the greater LDF! This will of course, include the planning application for the new stadium along Blacksots Lane and the area east ansd south of the Rugby Club.


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