Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Bishop of Bradwell impressed by the Thurrock sense of community

LAST WEEK, THE Bishop of Bradwell, John Wraw spent two days travelling the borough visiting a whole host of organisations and communities. From DP World, Ockendon Academy, through to a one-to-one with the chief executive of Thurrock Council, Graham Farrant.

It was certainly a whistlestop tour. YT caught up with the bishop at St Peter’s church in Grays, just before a community celebration and asked him to assess his two day visit.


  1. Thurrock sence of community??? just where did he visit, it is certainly not apparent in most of the areas that I walk through in Thurrock it is more of a dog eat dog area with every man for themselves.

  2. To be fair Lambo Thurrock (on the whole) does have quite a good sense of community. Much more so than most places these days. I know nearly all my neighbours, regularly walk past people I dont know and get a good morning and talk to many fellow Thurrock commuters on my way into work.


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