Ormiston puts Quidditch on the timetable!

Ormiston Park Academy in Thurrock has introduced a new sport to its PE curriculum- the fictional game of Quidditch.
Usually played by sporty witches and wizards in J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Year 10 students at Ormiston Park Academy have mounted broomsticks themselves and regained a love of sport.
The sport, known as Muggle Quidditch, was adapted for non-wizards in the US seven years ago, and has just started to catch on in the UK. Based on JK Rowling’s fictional game, the game is described as a cross between dodgeball and netball, though participants also mount broomsticks and chase a yellow-clad ‘snitch’ to end the game.
The academy introduced the sport to help engage a group of Year 10 girls who were struggling in their PE lessons. One girl had only done four PE lessons in 18 months, but through Quidditch the academy succeeded in engaging her and others back into PE lessons.
Students Marlena Zielinska, Alex Stokes and Molly Russell commented that the game was “awesome” and “so much fun”. They also said there’s “so much to do through the different roles in the game.”
Sarah-Jane Treddinick, the teacher behind the initiative said: “I wanted a fun and unusual game to play and saw Quidditch on BBC news one morning and thought ‘let’s give that a go with my girls’. At the end of the first lesson the girls all said they wanted to do it again and they even wanted to go outside! There was a variety of roles, which allowed everyone to feel part of the team. Most of all, it has engaged students back into lessons.”

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