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Reshuffle expected as Labour set to announce new cabinet

THE THURROCK Labour group head towards next Wednesday’s annual council meeting set to make major changes to their cabinet.

YT understands that the leadership team remains the same with John Kent as leader and Valerie Morris-Cook is still deputy leader despite a mooted challenge from Chadwell cllr Barbara Rice

After two underwhelming years as portfolio holder for adult social care, Chadwell cllr Tony Fish is expected to moved upstairs to the position of deputy mayor.

New blood is expected to be introduced into the cabinet with bright young West Thurrock councillor Victoria Holloway coming in and joined by Stifford councillor, Angie Gaywood, who has impressed heading up a number of committees.

Tibury councillor, Lynn Worrall is expected to be relieved of the public protection part of her duties so that she can concentrate on the culture, communities and leisure part of it.

Labour are remaining fairly tight lipped on the reshuffle as their is an expectation that they have expanded the number of portfolios again.

Full details of cabinet, the election of mayor and deputy mayor and the composition of committees will be announced at the mayor making on Wednesday.


  1. Please tell me that it’s not the case that one of John Kent’s first decisions on getting full control of the council is to increase the number of his mates getting extra taxpayer cash by upping the number of cabinet posts?!

  2. “After two underwhelming years as portfolio holder for adult social care, Chadwell cllr Tony Fish is expected to moved upstairs to the position of deputy mayor.”

    So if you do badly you get moved upstairs rather than being withdrawn from the cabinet, Jobs for the Boys methinks???

  3. Do you have a response to the point, or are you resorting to ad hominem attacks on the basis that the issue at hand is actually pretty indefensible?

  4. Hahaha, you do make me laugh Rocket1, can I jsut clarify something her and now, I am not and never have been a Tory so how that makes me a sore loser is beyond me.

    My comment was just an observation that a cabinet member who had two UNDERWHELMING years as a portfolio holder is suddenly moved upstairs rather than released, this would have been levelled at any group in power be that Labour, Tory, Lib Dem or any independant….

  5. oh for the rapier wit and cutting commentary of rocket1. Ahem… But seriously, Ben and Lambo are both correct, expanding portfolios at a time when they should be cutting back and promoting mediocrity when they should be promoting excellence has all the hallmarks of a Labour group preparing to fail. Again.

  6. two underwhelming years is someones point of view,at least he has not made a complete fool of himself as many of our local tories have shown themselves to be”,in vino veritas” as the great gatsby might say.

  7. Rocket 1
    I do tend to agrea with you it does look rather like sour grapes.
    Perhaps Ben Gadspy is still smarting for not being good enough to win. These people do come out with some amazingly hypocritical comments, & most of the time truly do suffer from a form of dimension. This bloody borough was at near breaking point before the labour took control.

  8. No, Ben Gadsby (would appreciate correct spelling) is doing what he’s always done, pointing out the inadequacies of our local Labour group. I don’t see how we can be accused of hypocrisy, given it was Conservative amendments to the budget last year that reduced the cabinet members in the first place. But as always, as soon as they can, Labour have jobs for the boys.

    So far, not a single person prepared to try and justify the decision to spend taxpayers money this way. I bet there are councillors and Labour supporters reading this. Go on, I dare you. Justify this increase in pay for politicians, or make me look stupid by confirming it’s not going to happen. I’m waiting…

  9. Ben GADSBY, It is just sour grapes that you never got elected of the famous Danny Nicklen (oh and by the way if Danny thought he could win he would have stood again) and your party who never got enough people elected into the chamber, I mean before it was always the matter of Terry Hipsey, If it wasn’t for him we would still be running this council! Well sadly it is proved different this time!

    As for the “expected” increase to the Cabinet I can say the Tories put their cabinet members up and down just like labour do! and to be honest what is the difference in a few grand when this council continually spends too much on other things for example now thurrock council is going to have 8 Directors from the previous year’s 6 so that is at the very least another £280,000 that could have reduced council tax for the very people that are struggling/ improved our environment/ paid for more buses / put towards paying off the HRA so all council rents come to Thurrock rather than the rest of the bloody country, or what every thurrock residents wanted because that’s who you are all supposed to be representing!

    So Ben your leader and the rest of his team sat there and allowed this all to happen along with Labour and the Independents! Wasting well over £280,000!

    Well done Ben and your team

  10. Ben, you and other tories really need to be honest with yourselves and address the real problem why you lost the local election. it wasn’t labour, nor your government, it wasn’t the weather either. just look closer to home if dare. Doorstep whispering and glossy leaflets hasn’t fooled anyone except yourselves.

  11. Perhaps Ben GADSBY
    Your own pettiness (what’s in a spelling ) is one of the factors for you not becoming a councillor.
    How can you possibly come on to this site. Running down labour’s decisions. The same site that the Tories candidates were bared from speaking to during elections, I hassen to add.
    It was your group of politicians that almost cleaned this borough out with its over spending. So again I say hypocrisy??
    Do not tell me that if your chum’s had gotten in they would of not being doing the same. People go out to vote for a party that will do the best for them, well Ben this time it wasn’t yours. So please do get over it.
    If you do truly wish to make a difference to peoples lives work behind the scene for a few years find out what people want. May be even work within your organisation to oust the rot. Then in a couple of years you & your party may come back a more creditable alternative .until . Or will you be like many others& just keep snipping at every given opportunity with no creditable alternative to offer.

  12. Rain Mack – The point of political articles posted on an interactive site such as YT is to spark debate. You cannot possibly criticise someone for articulating their views, just like you and I, when they have every right to. It is not out of bitterness, I’m sure, just the upshot of politics. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

  13. Abbie
    I agrea with you,however seeing that you have a biase attitude (Ben is your partner) I have no problem with a good old fashioned debate yet that isn’t what is going on .
    As for getting out of the kitchen WELL EXACTLY MY POINT
    Some people need to get out and see what the public want.
    I must apologise for upsetting your Sunday morning. I presume it is quite difficult not to want to hit back when sone one critiseses a friend or partner.
    Yet if you are to be a journalist then you will experiance a whole wealth of different opinions & if this proves to be difficult then take your own advice.

  14. Rain Mack – I’m glad you agree. However, I fail to see my bias attitude. If you look at some previous comments, I defend many people on this site where I feel appropriate, particularly Conservatives, being a Tory myself. This is public, not personal. I do however see how you may have come to that conclusion.

    I have, and will, experience a lot of different opinions as a journalist – most definitely. However, by implying someone should not be allowed to raise their point – whoever they are – because they are bitter/upset/angry/possess different beliefs is what I don’t like to see. I have no problem with anyone expressing their opinion (so long as their facts are accurate) as long as there is some equality.

  15. i think rain mack has hit the nail on the head,the tories were in such a sulk they tried to pretend that this site did not exist,now Ben Gatsby has got the cheek to come on here moaning and groaning.i think he should grow up and accept many of the local tories made themselves look absolute fools and sites such as this only accurately reported the facts.

  16. I thank you rockett
    This is exactly the point . We spent the whole election get an insite veiw of candidates that were standing,via this site. only to find out that the editor could not include Tories as they were not allowed. they had been bared by people within the party not to speak. How is this democracy gagging your own candidates, there may of been a good alternative to other parties yet the tories again did not see fit to. Let us see or hear them & why ? ?
    Is it that they feel the editor of this site is baise against them? I for one do not believe so. Just at what he does & tells it as he sees it. On more than one occasion he has added a foot note stating THIS IS HOW YT SEE IT.

  17. All this bluster, all these personal attacks… Still not one person prepared to say “Thurrock needs 9 Cabinet members and good on Labour for having the balls to do it”.

    My credible alternative is to have only 8 cabinet members.

    Incidentally, I commented regularly on this site both before and during the election, and I happen to prefer it if people could at least spell my name correctly. I actually use my real name as my username, so it shouldn’t be too difficult.


  19. Ben are you joking or something to be honest the Tories would have done it as they would have had two years until the next election then two years later would have taken it out of the budget and put it back down to 8 cabinet members! And to worry and create a fuss over £8,701.17 is a joke I think you should go back to the drawing board and look at things like the increasing of the DIRECTORS which is or will cost TBC over £280,000, although we should all be thankful to Cllr Kent and his team as he seems to have kept the Chief Executive and not made us loose another £350,000+ in the sacking and then the further cost of £200,000 on interims!

  20. How an earth Gadsby can come on here talking about personal attacks is beyond me. Talk about pot,kettle,black.
    I have to agrea he does need to go away & have a rest.

  21. It is interesting, I do not recall ever making a personal attack on this site. I will criticise people who I think are wrong (regardless of the flag they fly) and I have no hesitation in criticising this.

    So far, no case for a defence, just attacks on me and suggestion it’s small beer in the scheme of things (which at least has the advantage of being true!). Not a ringing endorsement for Cllr Kent!

    The batteries are full, my friends… Ridentem dicere verum quid vetat?

  22. Ben
    Please humour me
    Did your party when in power, once ask the oposition permission to almost bank rupt the council.? I think not.
    So then why should Labour be asking the Tories it is not a coalition you know.
    As for councillor Kent well please what can I say ? Sure has to be better than having someone who’s only there as no one else wanted the job

  23. Basic flaw in this story,YT. What are the individual responsibilities of each cabinet member!

  24. It wouldn’t be surprising if Kent spent more public money on his pet hobby of spending public money like it’s about to run out. He’s a career public money gravy train rider. So are many of the ex council employee’s who decided to become Labour Councillors so they can top up their publicly funded pensions and continue to ride the gravy train along with the other comrades. Screw the public as long as they can get away with it is their motto.

  25. Latin Mr Gadsby? That’s a rare thing on YT. I think that the personal and rather crude attacks on Mr Gadsby are entirely unwarranted, criticise him by all means but at least be civil about it, some of the comments on here are quite spiteful and purposefully mis-spelling his name is petty and childish. Still, despite all the attacks, Ben is right, nobody has yet come up with anything defending Labour’s actions but I guess that would mean actually mean engaging brain and that is something some Labour supporters here find difficult. Never mind, keep smiling Ben.

  26. if mr gatsbury is daft enough to bite when people deliberately mis-spell his name it just shows how daft he is,as for wasting money his tory friends took thurrock to the brink of i sugested earlier he should take a break and think about the elections in two years time,until then, VOX POPULI VOX DEI.

  27. Rocket1 you are a classic example of somebody who pretends to knowledge but actually knows very little. You also demonstrate why it is dangerous to pick and choose which bits of quotes to use. The full quote to which you refer is “Nec audiendi qui solent dicere, Vox populi, vox Dei, quum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae proxima sit”. Fully translated it says ” And those people should not be listened to who keep saying the voice of the people is the voice of God, since the riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness.” Sums you rabid Labour lot up nicely i think.

  28. Right, here we go.

    I think we have gone on a bit here.

    To be fair to young Ben, he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

    He was one of only two Tory candidates who wrote and informed us that he was unable to be interviewed during the campaign due to an embargo enforced by the MP’s office.

    He has tried to express his views here and does so, very well.

    Could we cut him a little slack here (especially you Rocket!)

    However, we do value all your comments and continued readership/viewership etc etc…

  29. michael casey- I think your intervention would be better suited in reminding your valued readership/viewership to post arguments that relate to your stories, as quite frankly, just recently the story is being lost in the childish ranting about everything BUT the story.

    Ben it would appear that Cllr Kent is going to increase the cabinet posts, thus supplying his cronies with even more remuneration. It also appears that he has agreed to an increase in directors, just proving exactly who runs this council. We will probably find that he insists on all scrutiny posts, and outside committees going to labour also, therefore creating even more jobs for the boys. All this will just push the council down the path of more “smoke and mirrors” when it comes to the financial reporting, and leaving us poor souls searching for the truth, about who getas paid what, and for what.

  30. Qualified accounts, no answers on T(BME )Fest accounts. Details of voluntary donations to TRUST removed from the council website. What happened to the thousands of council redundancies that were going to happen. An increase in council reserves at a time of massive Tory cuts. The prospect of more council houses at a time of massive Tory cuts. It’s a miracle achieved by the current Labour administration at the council. How did they do it?

  31. Thuraltmedia, read your blog. I think I will stick with YT. Yes there are a few who resort to name calling and abuse but not many and not all of the time. If you took the time to read YT properly you would see that, yes there are some local politicians who comment here but most are locals from Thurrock with little or no involvement with any political party. Of course there are some partisan posts but there is also quite a lot of balanced opinion.


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