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Primary school apologises it “deeply humiliated” ADHD pupil

A SEVEN-year-old boy was left in floods of tears and ‘deeply humiliated’ by his own teachers after he was banned from crucial elements of school life because he has the behavioral disorder ADHD.

This meant Bobby Tyson’ was not allowed to attend an end of term disco, a theatre trip and even the annual class photo at the East Tilbury infants school reports the Daily Mail.

After being found guilty of discrimination at a tribunal, East Tilbury Infant School, offered ‘unreserved apologies’ for its ‘inadequate’ treatment of Bobby.

The youngster, now aged 8, was left so traumatised he drew a heartbreaking picture of himself with two teachers and a speech bubble which said – ‘I don’t exist’.

Bobby was banned by teachers from going to see the Lion King – but only told the day before the trip took place.

His mother Holly Tyson, 29, was so outraged by the treatment her son received that she took the matter to tribunal.

Tribunal judge Stewart Hunter has now demanded the school makes a written apology to Bobby and his mother.

The judge also ordered all staff at the school to receive training on disability discrimination and demanded the school reviews its special educational needs policy.

Ms Tyson said: ‘At no time before I was told Bobby would not be going on the trip was any effort made to discuss this with me.

‘If there had been some discussion, I could have suggested that either myself or my sister could accompany him.

‘I had been preparing Bobby for this trip for weeks beforehand, telling him how important it was to behave well.

‘I believe he made a real effort and he was terribly disappointed when he was told he was not going.’
Teachers justified their decision not to take Bobby on their school trip following a safety assessment, which found his condition meant he was prone to impulsive behaviour.

Bobby, who also suffers from infantile incontinence, was left sitting in lessons in soiled underwear for hours at a time by teachers – resulting in painful sores.

Mr Hunter said the school had failed to manage Bobby’s bowel condition properly and was wrong to exclude him from the trip and other events.

He told the tribunal at the Health Education and Social Care Chamber:

‘The effect on Bobby of being in soiled clothes does, in our view constitute placing him at a substantial disadvantage.

‘We therefore find Bobby was discriminated against.’

East Tilbury Infant School headteacher Shelagh Cosgrow said: ‘East Tilbury Infant School prides its self on the support and guidance it gives its pupils.

‘Indeed in 2010 Ofsted rated the school outstanding for care, guidance and support.

‘However, we accept the tribunal’s findings that errors were made in this instance.

‘In compliance with the tribunal, the school has written to the family and apologised.

‘It has arranged for staff to have appropriate training and it is reviewing its policy.

‘The school is committed to ensuring every child is treated fairly and individual needs are met.’


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