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Food safety clear for all to see

Eating out in Thurrock? Check out the food hygiene scores as Thurrock adopts a new national rating scheme.

From Friday, 1 June 1 scores will be displayed through the Food Standards Agency (FSA) national rating scheme which will be available online at food.gov.uk/ratings.

Every food outlet, including restaurants, takeaways and pubs, is inspected by Thurrock Council’s food safety officers to check food hygiene standards meet legal requirements. Businesses are rated from 0 (urgent improvement necessary) to 5 (very good).

The new scheme builds on the success of Thurrock’s “Scores on the Doors” system helping people choose where to eat out or buy their takeaway.

Food businesses will also be given a sticker and certificate with their score and encouraged to display them to make it even easier for consumers.

Thurrock Council’s Head of Public Protection, Lucy Magill said: “Around one million people suffer from food poisoning every year, but inspections and the publishing of scores through this scheme aims at cutting this number.

“The information allows people to make a decision about where to eat. We also hope businesses will see the benefit for them in the scheme and display their scores proudly.”

Catriona Stewart, Head of the Food Hygiene Ratings Team at the FSA added: “We recognise the real progress that has been made in improving hygiene standards in food outlets through ‘local’ food hygiene rating schemes.

“Having a single nationwide scheme will mean a level playing field for businesses across the country, and consumers will be able to recognise and use the ratings in their own area, as well as further from home. So it’s great news that Thurrock Council has announced its intention to switch to the new national scheme.”



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