Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Ormiston girls become Karate Kids!

THIS half term, in their core PE lessons, a group of year 10 girls from Ormiston Park Academy in Aveley have had the fantastic opportunity to participate in karate. The girls are really enjoying the sessions and are going to be working their way through the belts.

At the end of a session a member of the class receives a medal for hard work and determination. Rex the sensei takes no nonsense and has high ambitions for our students. During the sessions the girls work on their fitness and self-defence skills. The girls have learnt basic defence moves, punches, kicks, endurance training and have begun to learn the first “kata.”

Through the karate lessons, the girls’ self-esteem and confidence has grown and the girls are more positive in their lessons.

“I have enjoyed doing karate as I have been learning how to defend myself, at first it was hard but after a while it became easy and interesting,” said student Lauren Ward.

“Karate is the best sport I’ve ever taken part of, it thought me how to defend myself and added to my moral value, i and my friend were chosen as captain which is a big task to take on and I feel that I am now a better person,” said student Temitope Fadoju.

“Karate is fun, I enjoy doing it because I get to learn how to kick and how to punch and also it is fun to take part with your mates so you can all learn together also I learn how to defend myself against attackers,” said Chloe Ferguson.


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