Thursday, July 25, 2024

Dogging in Orsett raises its ugly head

WARNING: YT wants to assure readers that if there is any innuendo in this story then we will endeavour to whip it out immediately.

AN ORSETT councillor has asked Thurrock Council to combat the growing problem of dogging in her ward.

New councillor, Sue Little has had a number of moans from residents near to Pear Tree Lane where the problem has persisted.

On Wednesday night (20th), cllr Little has tabled a question to portfolio holder, cllr Angie Gaywood on how she is going to tackle the issue.

Cllr Little has asked her to “oversee a consultation on a possible road closure there, as requested by concerned residents?”

It is not expected that any of the councillors will request a site visit.


  1. So this is the Conservative policy against erections in the Green Belt?

    If this is such a pressing issue why has Cllr Little submitted this as a question to full council instead of approaching the Portfolio holder directly? The problem could have started to have been tackled weeks ago.

    Also by submitting the question at full council you have now given the widest possible publicity that this is a dogging spot so no doubt the problem will get much worse as more and more people will visit.

  2. I have to agrea with Ed
    If residents have complained why is this councillor waiting for full council? Political games one thinks? Also how long has this sort of thing being going on did? the previous two councillors just choose to ignore it ? Lots of questions here in itself.

  3. I don’t know why people are getting so upset with people walking their dogs down country lanes? Woof woof!!!!!!!!

  4. Can’t blame YT for going for the cheap headline-grabber, but as far as I know, there are 4 issues at stake here, affecting Child Protection (Oliver Gerrish) Public Protection (Angie Gaywood), Environment (Victoria Holloway) and Regeneration, HIghways and Transportation (Andy Smith).
    Regarding the publicity, although my computer blocks it, so I can’t confirm, I am reliably (?) informed that this is already number one on all search engines for dogging sites anyway – so important as YT might be in this little pond, the worldwide web surely has more clout?


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