Thursday, July 25, 2024

Enquirer scoops council advertising contract award

IT WAS only a few weeks ago, at the Mayor’s Dinner that YT staff wondered why the top advertising executives at the Thurrock Gazette were sitting with the Thurrock Enquirer team. It soon became apparent that they were infact now working for the Thurrock Enquirer!

Now, the Enquirer (or Gateway Newspapers Ltd) has landed another scoop by landing a further two year advertising contract with Thurrock Council.

The deal, worth over £200,000 highlights the increased popularity and presence of the Enquirer in the borough, bucking a trend that has seen over 200 local printed newspapers fold in the last four years.

The deal will no doubt heighten the animosity between Thurrock Gazette (Newsquest/Gannett etc) and the Enquirer series. Recently, the Gazette has stated on the blue strap line on the front page that it is a paper where: “Stories get read and adverts get a response”.

Although this has been a hard nosed business deal, some have contrasted the high profile role of its editor, Neil Speight (secretary of East Thurrock United, chair of Horndon primary, governor of Basildon hospital) where he has been seen around the borough personally delivering newspapers with that of the Gazette. That was perhaps highlighted when at the Mayor’s dinner,the Mayor , thanked the press name-checking the Enquirer, the Yellow Advertiser and YT but made no mention of the Gazette.


  1. Neil Speight who was previously editor of the Thurrock Gazette, fell out when it was purchased by an huge American paper group. He was told to concentrate more on improving profits over publicizing local community news.


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