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Heavy fines possible for councillors who breach transparency rules

THURROCK councillors could face a criminal conviction and fines of up to £5,000 if they fail to comply with new transparency requirements outlined in localism laws.

Described as ‘tough new measures’ to crack down on corruption, councillors have been told to declare interests including their financial and trade union dealings, with new requirements to take effect this month (July) reports

A deliberate failure to comply could result in a criminal conviction, which would be punishable with a fine of up to £5,000 and disqualification from office for up to five years.

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) said the move was part of the government’s wider transparency agenda, which has seen the release of data on public spending, officials’ salaries and more.

Councillors will be required to disclose certain pecuniary interests on a publicly available register. Pecuniary interests cover areas including a member’s employment, office, trade, profession or vocation.

Sponsorship is also covered, including election expenses contributions, as well as contracts held between the councillor and the authority, land the member has an interest in within the authority’s area, any ‘licences’ the member holds to occupy land in the area, any ‘corporate tenancies’, and certain ‘securities’ the member may hold, according to DCLG.

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  1. This sounds like a great idea to me.
    After all our local councillors have nothing to hide anyway, have they?

  2. Sounds like, to me Thurrock Tories will have to do a bit of overtime if the fines are that high

  3. Care to substantiate that one Albert or are you happy to make sweeping unjustified statements?

  4. “The police asked me how I cam to be in possession of the article. I told them that a few years ago, my mother (Joy Redsell) came to the house with the framed photograph wrapped in brown paper.
    “They took full statements from myself and my partner (former Conservative councillor Stuart St-Clair Haslam). CID took the photograph away.
    “I just wanted to go on record and clear my own name. I did not want people to think I had stolen that photograph or that I was knowingly handling stolen goods.”
    Cllr Redsell failed to respond to a request for a statement.
    Redsell conduct probe goes on “behind closed doors.”
    Property “Baron” appeals to council boss as Joy strikes back
    Mystery man in cllr Redsell film revealed as Orsett property developer (and was once a Scottish Baron!)
    I have sought advice from the Council’s Monitoring Officer regarding Cllr Redsell’s actions. This morning I have been advised that in the circumstances as described, the meeting should have been reported to the Planning Officer or Monitoring Officer under the Council’s Planning Code of Good Practise. This was not done.
    Over to you Bendover

  5. Perhaps we can look forward to some admissions from Commie Kiely regarding how he uses his allowances and expenses. He appears to be swanning around South America at the moment.

  6. And I bet all the hypocritical Labour Councillors that have been hanging out the red white and blue bunting for their little parade today will be screaming what a wonderful site it was. You just know the words diverse and multicultural are going to be used in spades. If you don’t like our flag why bother turning up.

  7. It is about time that politicians (local and national) were bought to book for any non-compliance with the working regulations, for far too long they have all thought that they were beyond reproach.

    the results of the next published details will make interesting reading, lets hope all party councillors declare everything so we can see for real what their interests are and if any have conflicting interests, I however feel that the true story will never be revealed…

  8. Will the above re look at councillors past ‘s?
    I.E all those interests in developers Councillor Redsell had. it does seem to appear this women was a little less than honest with her interests the whole time she sat on planning ?

  9. Lambo when you  commented about registering interest is that like when MP Jackie Doyle Price registered her interest about having her Parliamentary  office at Titan Works Hogg lane in the form of a portacabin to the electoral register office.Then when  Thurrocks councils legal department was asked about it They said it was only for storage even though MP J D Price had the address on the bottom of her leaflets during her campaign. Do you think things like this will be stopped, Or is it one rule for members and another rule for members of the public 

  10. Hot press
    The above may be better if it Was changed to

    One Rule For The Tories & One For Every One Else

  11. Oh Albert, for a moment I thought you were going to say something interesting, but alas you only want to rake the same old muck laced with a few lewd innuendos. I pity you.

  12. Lets hope there are no councillors who voted to give their relatives council contracts. That would really be naughty…

  13. Don’t talk a load of rubbish Ed. Please don’t waste our time with such throw away comments.

  14. …or enjoyed the use of a villa before voting on the owners planning application – very very naughty as well.

  15. hot press, even with these motions being passed I still do not genuinley believe that things will change, politicians have covered things up for centuries and this will never stop, what we really need is full transparency in politics, that way the voters can then have a real sense of who they are voting for, unfortunately this will never ever happen as the vast majority of politics is formed from spin and they will do anything to seek the votes.

    rain mack, I think you will find that Labour are just as complicit in the bed of lies as the Tories and indeed most Political Parties.

  16. Dear Ben you are precisely right the person I was talking about is old muck and as for innuendos one of the comments was a statement given to the police under caution the other a article i attached to my earlier comment was none other than Phil Anderson’s comments after liasing with Thurrocks Legal Department and the other comments come from an open letter from Mr John Isabel to the Chief Executive Graeme Farrant that he made public by disclosing it under the FOI regs and was published on Your Thurrock that great friend of Thurrock Tories lol. So if you can please explain your understanding of the meaning of the word innuendo with the above context in mind I would be most grateful.

  17. Dear Albert, please see below examples of innuendo in your earlier comments:
    “Over to you Bendover”
    “Ben have you got a brother named Bill? Flob Flob Flobalob, what Bills saying to you is just swallow it Ben”

  18. Ben I’ve noticed you don’t deny what alberts put about councillor Redsell , I think you’ve got your priorities completely wrong. I wouldn’t be worried about innuendo’s, Id be more worried about your colleagues continuing breaking the codes of conduct which you seem happy to ignore. Perhaps you should comment on her discusting actions instead of trying to deflect the issue. So now I’m asking you Ben to make a comment on your colleagues behaviour and whether you agree with her behaviour or do not agree with her behaviour . Also do you think it’s acceptable for a member with her amount of experience to continually break the codes of conduct which are self evident and undeniable from Mr. Andersons comments. So if you would like to make a comment Ben on her behaviour I look forward to it.

  19. Happy to, though I have commented on this site in defence of Cllr Redsell at great length before. To summarise: Numerous investigations, including by the police. No charges. No evidence of wrongdoing.

    I see no need to keep repeating the same things over and over again and I find it regretable that Albert et al haven’t moved on with their lives.

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