Saturday, July 20, 2024

Grays scouts saddened as hut burns down

FOR MANY, IT was like seeing so many cherished memories, so many happy times and so many positive outcomes suddenly go up in flames.

On Saturday morning, we reported that the Scout Hut on Cromwell Road in Grays had gone up in flames.

Over the weekend scouts and former scouts have been very upset at hearing the news and even more distressed at seeing the pictures.

But they are a resolute lot and so from here, they are determined to see the phoenix rise from the ashes.

The Horace Norman scout hut will rise again. Watch this space.


  1. was this an arson attack or just an accident, whilst i agree that the local scouting community will endeavor to carry on and move forward some of the scout huts are very old and in needs of major repairs, funding should be made available from the Scouting Organisation and councils as the Scouts provide a valuable life lesson to the young people.


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