Friday, July 19, 2024

College ‘plays hair’ to world first in hairdressing

HAIRDRESSING staff from South Essex College were amongst the first in the world to see a brand new hair colouring technique set to revolutionise the hairdressing industry.

Husband and wife team, William and Karen Sparacia from East Sussex, have invented a new process called Colour Placement System, an alternative to using foils or caps to colour hair. The patented technique was demonstrated to staff at the Thurrock Campus of the College before they had a chance to try it themselves.
Academy Manager for Hairdressing at South Essex College, Dawn Buttle said: “The College is proud to be at the cutting edge of the industry and be the first educational institution to witness what is undoubtedly a huge breakthrough in the hairdressing industry. The results are fantastic and the system is so easy to use.”

Their have been expressions of interest in buying the technique, but the inventors have chosen to invest in the next generation of young hairdressers by allowing colleges to deliver it.

Karen said: “Students are using the same tools to colour hair as they did 20 years so when they go into the work place from College, it’s difficult for them to compete with hairdressers who have had much more experience in the industry. We want to start a colour revolution but first we need to give students the tools to succeed.”

The technique is being backed by awarding body City and Guilds and South Essex College will offer hairdressing students the chance to learn it as part of their colouring unit from September. William and Karen are planning on rolling out the technique to salons worldwide.
Dawn continued: “Our students will be among the first to learn this technique which will greatly increase their chances of gaining employment when they leave here with a unique skill that most hairdressers won’t have.”



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