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Rosie’s Blog; Life in Chafford Gorge

MANY people would be surprised at the amount that Chafford Hundred has to offer, one of the best places to visit is the Chafford Gorge Nature Park. With 200 acres of land spread across the Warren Gorge, Lion Gorge and Grays Gorge there is plenty to look around and space for the kids to play in safely.

The Chafford Gorge’s Nature Park is thought to have been around in different forms for 200,000 years. If you want to hear how it happened for yourself then check out the Dinosaurs of the Gorge event on the 29th September which will include fun activities for your children. If you don’t want to take part then just pop into the visitors centre and ask whatever questions you may have. It isn’t just the history of the Nature Park that is fascinating but the story of it’s unique geology too.

The Warren Gorge is the biggest in the Nature Park which also features the visitors centre looking out over it. Here you can see a variety of birds, bugs and beautiful flowers (such as common spotted orchids and pyramidal orchids). In addition to these, here you can also spot grass snakes and other reptiles. At the Lion Gorge (named after the extraction company that had the quarry there) you can find a large lake with crystal clear water which is the habitat to a range of different fish (all large in population) which include Rud and Bream. Not only is the Lion Gorge host to a community led fishing club, but bats as well!

So far four species of bats have been recorded there. On the 3rd and 24th August there will be a bat walk which is fun for all the family. If after going to the Warren Gorge you want to see more of the outstanding orchids, head to Grays Gorge which has so far seen nine species of orchid grow there. Orchids aren’t the only flora that you can spot there. You can also see a diverse selection of wildflowers!

Chafford Gorge’s Nature Park is part of the Essex Wildlife Trust. The trust is a charity that was established in 1959, the roles they perform are varied and hugely beneficial. They are also always looking for volunteers, so if you want to be a part of what they do to protect Nature Parks like this one (and the incredible things you can find there) then sign up today! To get a taste of what that’s like, volunteer for the Chafford Gorge, I have and there’s so much you can do there which you may not expect!

These Gorges have so much to offer and are perfect for a family day out (as well as a tranquil place to go walking). Before taking a leisurely stroll out into the beautiful grounds, stop off at the visitors centre. At the visitors centre you are welcomed by friendly staff that are more than willing to help and educate you on what you can find. Inside there is also a gift shop and on weekends you can even have lunch on the decking overlooking the sights of Warren Gorge.

Stuck for ideas on what to do with your children this summer? Head down to the Chafford Gorge’s Nature Park and take part in some of the activities that they have to offer! Click the link below to check it all out! With something like this on your doorstep who needs to go abroad for family fun?


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