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Councillor gets dirty on fact finding tour

THURROCK Council’s new Portfolio Holder for Environment, Cllr Victoria Holloway has been getting her hands dirty to find out about recycling.

As she gets to grips with her new role Cllr Holloway went on a fact finding tour of the materials recycling facility at Tilbury and the Waste to Energy plant at Allington,Kent.

The Tilbury recycling plant deals with approximately 12,000 tonnes per year of glass, paper, cans, plastics and cardboard. This is waste which Thurrock residents put in their blue bins and would otherwise end up in landfill. At Allington Waste to Energy Plant, approximately 25,000 tonnes of Thurrock’s residual waste is treated each year to produce electricity.

Cllr Holloway said: “Since the introduction of the three bin system in our borough we have performed very well at recycling but we now need to remind everyone of the importance of using the bins properly and the benefits this has provided for the borough and for our environment.

“By reaching the targets set for us on recycling and landfill we avoid expensive penalties which obviously affect the funding available to use in other areas. The vast majority of our residents use their bins correctly but it only takes one person to put the wrong item into a bin to affect our system.”

Correct items to go in the three different wheelie bins

Green bin

* Light bulbs and other glassware such as Pyrex, mirrors etc

* Sanitary products

* Nappies

* Plastic bags

* Polystyrene

* General refuse and pet waste

Brown bin

* Plate scrapings

* Vegetable peelings

* Meat and bones

* Egg shells

* Cooked and uncooked food

* Teabags and coffee grounds

* Cut flowers

* Garden waste – grass cuttings, prunings, leaves etc

Blue bin

* Paper (newspapers, magazines, junk mail, envelopes, phone directories, catalogues)

* Cardboard

* Metal food and drinks cans

* Aerosols

* Glass bottles and jars (no other types of glass)

* Plastic bottles

* Plastic food trays, yoghurt pots

Please note: Recycling should be put direct into your bin loose and NOT in bags. All information about waste collection and recycling is available at


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