Thursday, July 25, 2024

Thurrock heads upset at GCSE English “surprise”

THREE DAYS on from the GCSE results being announced, the controversy continues to burn.

Headteachers across the country have demanded a “total re-mark” of all English papers taken by their students this year.

The move to deluge the exam authorities with demands for mass re-marks comes amid growing optimism within the teaching profession that thousands of pupils will, in the end, be awarded higher grades in English than those they were awarded on Thursday.

There was palpable surprise among headteachers in Thurrock on Thursday.

YT reporters spoke to all ten heads on Thursday.

Some such as the principal of Ormiston Park Academy, Tess Walker were remaining tight-lipped and referred the matter to her sponsors.

Others such as the chief exec of St Clere’s co-operative academy reflected on the English results on the day.

Here are Mr Griffith’s reflections.


  1. ‘Thurrock heads upset at GCSE English “surprise” ‘

    Upset? I bet they’re livid! Not for the sake of the children and education…but because of their precious position in GCSE league tables is in jeopardy!


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