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Check who is taking your rubbish away.

RESIDENTS are being warned to check the credentials of anyone being paid to dispose of rubbish as Thurrock Council continues to target flytipping.

Investigations are always carried out into every incident of flytipping in an effort to indentify where the rubbish has come from and evidence will be used to prosecute.

The responsibility for the correct disposal of rubbish remains with the resident even if they have paid someone else to dispose of it. Any company which takes rubbish away must have a valid waste carrier licence. Paying an unlicensed carrier to remove and dispose of waste is a criminal offence.

Thurrock Council’s portfolio holder for Public Protection, Cllr Angie Gaywood said: “Flytipping is a scourge which blights our borough and will not be tolerated. Unfortunately it is no excuse to say someone else took your rubbish away and dumped it illegally. It is every individual’s responsibility to ensure their waste is disposed if correctly.”

Cold callers and fliers commonly advertise rubbish and garden clearance services but residents should always ask to see a company’s waste carrier licence.

Thurrock provides a variety of options for recycling and waste collection.

Weekly kerbside collections:

Blue Bin – Recycling: Paper, cardboard, metal food and drink cans, aerosols, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, plastic food trays, yoghurt pots.

Do not include: light bulbs, mirrors, toys, food waste, garden waste, plastic bags and tetra paks.

Brown bin – kitchen and garden waste: Plate scrapings, vegetable peelings, meat and bones, egg shells, cooked and uncooked food, teabags and coffee grounds, cut flowers, grass cuttings, prunings and leaves.

Do not include: plastic bags, nappies, soil, liquids, metal food and drink cans, glass bottles and jars, textiles and shoes, sanitary products, general refuse, pet waste.

Grey/Green Bin – Non-recyclable: Light bulbs and other glassware like mirrors, sanitary products, nappies, plastic bags, polystyrene, general refuse and pet waste.

Do not include: electrical items, textiles (these items can go to the Civic Amenity site and recyclable waste.

Civic Amenity site and recycling centre, Buckingham Hill Road, Linford

Open daily from 8am until 4pm for the disposal of household waste, not trade waste, including tyres, carpets, soil, hardcore and timber.

Thurrock Council also offers a chargeable service for the collection of household bulk items like furniture and white goods. For more information, contact 01375 652652.

Full details of all recycling and waste services are available at waste and recycling.


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