Friday, April 19, 2024

The last day for Petroplus at Coryton

FRIDAY September 14th marks the final day for the last workers at Petroplus, Coryton.

It is the day many have dreaded but it is the day that has been inevitable, ever since the first rumblings back in December last year.

Since then, nearly 850 staff employees have lost their jobs as the plant closed as a refinery and will now be a terminal.

The protests fizzled out very quickly as the iron laws of economics seem to become a grim reality.

Union leaders speak of working with the new consortium, politicians speak of lessons and new legislation but for now the economy is expected to suffer to the tune of £100 million.

Labour MEP, Richard Howitt said: “Friday is the day we never wanted to see.”

The circumstances may be investigated by the Office for Fair Trading.


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