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Medal under the floorboards reveals rich history

A GRAYS man made a startling discovery while working on some floorboards at his home.

David Dalton of Elm Road, Little Thurrock, found a small medallion with sporting figures on one side and some wording including “Children of Grays” and a date 1901.

Mr Dalton brought the medallion in to Thurrock Museum for identification and volunteers there tracked back through records.

A Grays & Tilbury Gazette article (29 June 1901) reported a Children’s Day event on Wednesday, 26 June, on the Bridge Road “recreational Ground” – which later became Grays Athletic’s football ground.

The report stated that Mr Wall in co-operation with the Grays School Boards promoted the event which was planned over several months and resulted in over 2,000 school pupils attending.

The local schools were closed for the day and there were many activities to keep the children busy which included races, but also a tea time break for all the children.

It was recorded that awards were given out as prizes for the various events and it is assumed that this medallion was for awarded to one of the winners.

Jonathan Catton the Thurrock Council’s Heritage and Museum Officer said Mr Dalton was so pleased he has now donated the medallion to the Thurrock Museum collection.

It should soon be on display in a forthcoming Thurrock souvenir display in the museum to be opened in November.


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