Monday, March 4, 2024

Chief Inspector explains policing in Thurrock (and Corringham in particular)

IT HAS BECOME an increasingly complex business. And that is even before £43 million worth of cuts.

YT sat down with the chief inspector of Thurrock, Richard Baxter, to have a look at Thurrock policing in 2012.

Thurrock is unique in the borough and possesses its own sociological micro-climate.

You may or may not realise that most of the policing in Thurrock is intelligence-led. The operations, such as Mermaid, do “capture” a lot of road traffic offenders but also gather a great deal of intelligence.

The critics of policing feel it has become far too reactive or in other words, have the police become like fire officers and less like crime detectors?

The interview is a general overview. We do broach the subject of anti-social behaviour in Corringham (as a general discussion) and a number of other matters.


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