Thursday, December 7, 2023

Cllr Kiely has re-entered the building (and creates a twitter-storm)

FOR THE FIRST TIME since May and for only the second time the year, Ockendon councillor, Aaron Kiely attended a Thurrock Council meeting.

The absent councillor hit the national headlines recently when the papers focussed on his Facebook comments on the extradition of Abu Hamza.

Cllr Kiely did not speak at the meeting but did take time to slam the Thurrock Tories on Facebook.

Commenting on a motion on Universal Credit, cllr Kiely said: “Thurrock Tories now attacking benefit claimants. Get it in to your heads that the majority of claimants are in employment.”

The comments caused a reaction on Twitter from Chafford councillor, Charlie Key who said: “I have a real problem with local councillors tweeting during meetings. Even worse when they don’t contribute to debate all night.”


  1. What has Comrade Kent done to ensure this non entity actually does what he’s paid to do and doesn’t just take public money to spend on his nasty little comments about how evil this country is. It seems that free cash, whether it be in benefits or councillors allowances and expenses, is all he and his party are interested in. I’m surprised that Milibrain hasn’t put it down as Labour party policy. Free cash for anyone that supports Labour. The rest of society can pay.

  2. When will we see the results of the “investigation” by Thurrock Labour into this poor excuse of a Councillor. He obviously has no interest in what happens in that chamber if he spent all evening on his twitter account. I really do not see the value to us council tax payers of this person. Mr Kent grow some and get rid of this person and get just a little creditability back.

  3. Yet again this waste of space is sticking his two fingers up at the local people and at the Labour Council, to sit in chambers and tweet is one thing but to tweet about something but not actually have the balls to speak out is another.

    Mr Kent needs to show this prat the door, the Labour Party need to chuck him out and TBC need to withhold any further finances from the idiot

  4. Kiely is a disaster as a Cllr and he continues to stick two fingers up at the people that voted for him. However, come the next Council elections (and if he is allowed to stand) he will still get plenty of votes off people who vote for anything wearing a red rosette. As I have said before, the vast majority of the electorate have no idea what goes on at the Council and probably couldn’t care less.

  5. Probably like the rest of the electorate they are fed up to the back teeth with politicians of all parties who live in their own little bubble.Can u blame the pubilc for their “couldn’t care less” attitude.

    Mr Kent even if he could do something about the childlike Kiely he will do nothing,it’s all about keeping the Labour majority,and to hel withl ethics and true democracy..

  6. I agree Perman. so does Mr Kent agree with Mr Kiely? His time and obligation is with the residents of Ockendon. He has dismissed this for his own agenda. Surely Mr Kent is damned if he does and damned if he does not, except to bring this sorry episode to an end. Mr Kent must surely do the correct moral thing and put the people first, politics second!!!!!!


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