Saturday, April 13, 2024

Hundreds of Thurrock homes “still” not fit for use

THE DECLINE IN the number of “decent homes” in the borough has been probed by the Thurrock Conservatives.

In a question submitted by Mr Aaron Mohammed to the leader of the council, he asked how many had not met the standard.

Cllr Kent informed him that 98% met the standard, which meant that there were 209 which were “non-decent”.

Mr Mohammed, a former Labour candidate for council, asked cllr Kent why there had been a decline under Labour as the percentage stood at 99.8% under a Tory administration.

Cllr Kent replied that as opposed to working to a national standard, they were working to a “Thurrock” standard.


  1. The Comrade is making it up as he goes along. So the Thurrock standard is tougher than the standard set by his own party when they were in government then is it? He really does talk sphericals.

  2. Do TBC actually know what they are doing??? this is just another poor excuse by Mr Kent, would he care to expand on what the Thurrock Standard is and how it differs from the national standards

  3. I must say I couldn’t understand where this magic 1.8% disappeared from?
    Actually Labour created this disaster of “decent homes standard” now they wish to say it isn’t fit for Thurrock and have therefore created a Thurrock one? that doesn’t meet that standard nor was it completed by the deadline of 2010 either.


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