Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Petition against Tilbury power station application

A WEB-site has been set up to protest against a planning application submitted by Tilbury power station.

The web-site states:

“In January this year, RWE converted the formerly coal-fired Tilbury B plant to become the world’s biggest biomass power station. So far, they only have permission to run the power station for a limited number of hours, probably until late 2013 and the amount of wood burnt there so far has been limited due to a severe fire in February. This could soon change: RWE have applied to Thurrock Council for a long-term planning permission which would allow them to burn millions of tonnes of imported wood every year for the next 12-15 years. If permission is refused then Tilbury B would be closed down entirely. If it is granted, then it will cause biodiverse and carbon-rich forests in the southern US and Canada to be devastated.

Campaigners from US conservation NGO Dogwood Alliance and Greenpeace Canada recently visited RWE’s mega pellet plant in Georgia as well as forests threatened by it. They reported: “What was most striking was the sheer volume of trees from fully loaded log trucks entering the gate and being unloaded into giant piles to be processed. We watched countless trucks enter the facility…Despite all of the claims that pellet and bioenergy companies make about sustainability, it was clear that this is a voracious industry that will swallow up as many trees as it can get.” Southern US forests are home to 130 species of trees, 595 species of birds, 246 species of mammals (including black bears and bobcats) 197 species of reptiles and 170 species of amphibians. Yet for decades they have been logged and converted to plantations for the paper industry. Now RWE and other big European energy companies threaten to destroy much of what remains.

Far from being climate friendly, scientists, including the European Environment Agency’s Scientific Committee, have warned that cutting down trees for electricity will increase carbon emissions even compared to coal for at least a generation.

For people in and around Tilbury, RWE’s plans would mean 12-15 years more pollution – with legal air quality limits already being exceeded.

Please email the Thurrock Council’s planning officer below to object to the application. Your email will be sent automatically to majorprojects@thurrock.gov.uk . If possible, please personalise the letter below for greater impact.


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