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Council boss urges public to take part in Dartford Crossing consultation

THE GOVERNMENT has launched two consultations about the Thames river crossing this week (Monday, 5 November) and Thurrock Council leader, Cllr John Kent is urging local people to take part.

One deals exclusively with the crossing – from the Highways Agency and about details of the proposals to introduce free-flow tolls and take away the booths.

The second is from the Department for Transport, and deals with the enforcement of charging schemes nationwide – including the Dartford Crossing.

Speaking on Monday, Cllr Kent said: “It is important that local people have their say in both consultations.

“The council will be providing its own responses, but the more people who take part the better. I have asked that links to the consultations are put on the council’s home page.”

The crossing-only consultation asks eight specific questions, ranging from “Do you agree with the proposal to introduce post-pay periods that would allow road users to pay the Dartford Crossing road user charge following use of the Crossing and prior to being subject to enforcement?” to “Do you agree with the proposal to set the same penalty charge rate for all vehicles?”.

It also includes details of the draft charging scheme order, a list of statutory consultees – including Thurrock Council – and an impact assessment.

It runs for 12 weeks until 28 January 2013.

The “The Road User Charging Scheme (Enforcement)(England) Regulations” consultation seeks views about how free-flow charging can be enforced.

Cllr Kent said: “I have long called for the introduction of free-flow charging at the crossing if getting rid of the tolls altogether isn’t an option. These consultations will be an important part of getting rid of the stop-start booths and the congestion they cause.

“Unfortunately, free-flow charging is only half the answer. We want the junction of the M25 and A13 sorted out and modernised too. Last Friday showed what can happen when accidents happen on these major routes – everything from Purfleet to the centre of Grays came to a standstill … again!

“We are expecting the government to launch a consultation on the crossing itself soon. They’re saying another crossing is needed, at Purfleet, Grays or Tilbury-Chadwell-Orsett and we must all be ready for that.

“We’ll be saying: sort out Junction 30 and you won’t need to blight our homes and businesses with a third crossing, sort out Junction 30 and keep business moving.”


  1. So, how do we take part? Is there a website to visit? Is there a consultation document to view? A questionnaire to complete? Telling the publice to get involved is fine but we do need to be told how to get involved and where to get the info from.

  2. If the comrade would like to cast his mind back to the rose tinted time when his party were in power he would find the route of the problems Thurrock now suffers from. It was his party that decided Thurrock was going to become a huge housing estate for the millions of immigrants they planned to let into the country. Unfortunately they didn’t care about the chaos that would follow. The crossing should never have kept the tolls and again his party did nothing in 13 years. Too busy letting immigrants into the country.

  3. Use of private companies to fund and continue to gain revenue from Public used services is at the heart of the Dartford Crossing issue both Labour and Tory parties are both guilty of allowing this to happen.
    Why does not Essex and Kent Councils run the crossing and share the revenues equally. I would rather have a Govt backed Council company running the Bridges / Road Approaches and Tunnels than a private company (Though by all means use a private company to build projects). If Thurrock is not ready to implement decisions maybe Boris as PM will do so for us! What a thought.


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