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Police warn over flooding across the county

Police are urging motorists to take care this morning, Tuesday, November 27, following some heavy rainfall overnight which has led to some road closures.

Tuesday Nov 27th 0745hrs

MAJOR routes currently closed in Essex include the A1245 Rayleigh Spur and the A127 Rayleigh Weir. Motorists are advised to find alternative routes.

A number of other minor roads are currently deemed impassable and as such police are urging motorists not to attempt to drive through standing water and to find an alternative route.

Chief Insp Nick Lee said: “I would advise motorists to take great care when driving in these conditions and not to underestimate the depth of surface water.

“Please drive at appropriate speeds as water running off the land can cause floods at unexpected locations. Also make sure you keep tuned in to the radio and if possible avoid roads that are affected by the flooding.

“It is also important to be aware that most cars have air intakes which are placed near the lowest point on the vehicle and if water is sucked into the engine it can cause significant damage and cause this to stop working.

“On the occasions where vehicles have become stranded they have caused additional problems for the emergency and recovery services, however despite stretched resources Essex Police has been able to respond to all those that called for assistance.”

Essex Police continues to monitor the emerging weather picture, work with partner colleagues, and respond as necessary as incidents arise.


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