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Cllr Aaron Kiely: “I cannot defend the indefensible” says leader

THE LEADER of Thurrock Council told a packed chamber on Wednesday night that he cannot “defend the indefensible” over the continued absenteeism of Ockendon councillor, Aaron Kiely.

Cllr Kiely was absent from last nights meeting for which he made no apologies (and for the record Tilbury councillor Claire Baldwin was also a no-show).

Council leader, John Kent was responding to a question from shadow Conservative leader, Phil Anderson, on how many days per year is a councillor expected to “perform their ward and council duties?

Cllr Kent detailed that the answer is 96 days. It was at this point that cllr Anderson made direct reference to cllr Kiely and made a passionate plea.

Cllr Anderson said: “Politician’s reputations are not great at the best of times but there is a danger that we are all being tarred with the same brush here.

“Local residents may well feel that we are all the same”

Cllr Kent was also quizzed on how the investigation into cllr Kiely is progressing.

Cllr Kent said: “This is a matter being dealt with out-with the Thurrock Labour group.”

The irony appeared to be that the no-show councillor spends a lot of his tome campaigning against other politicians being given a platform at other events.

There is also an irony in that the councillor spent last week campaigning against tuition fees. However, the money he has “earned” as a councillor, could pay for a student from Ockendon Academy to go to university.

Cllr Kiely fulfils the minimum requirement if he attends a council meeting every six months. He is due for re-election in May 2015.


  1. So Mr Kent can’t defend the indefensible? Seems he can’t do anything about it either. This story rumbles on and the boy Kiely continues to take the Michael and Mr Kent does nothing. Nothing changes, does it?

  2. I find myself defending Mr Kent here, his hands are tied! The most he can do is suspend him from the Party, but he cannot MAKE him step down, surely the moral argument lies firmly with Comrade Kiely and his utter disrespect for the electorate of Ockendon, Kiely should do the right thing and tender his resignation, mind you the longer he stays the more the Tories can use it to their advantage!

  3. It’s too easy for the Tories to use it to their advantage and I like the fact that they have been much quieter about Kiely than they could have been. This Cllr is a left wing fanatic. He jumps on board any cause which includes racism, sexism, Islamaphobia etc. He has no interest in being a councillor, especially for a marginal ward like Ockendon. It’s too right leaning, too white, not the type of social problems he prefers to concern himself with and contains people who live in the real world…of which he does not.

    Even if he is booted out the Labour party he will still hang around like a bad smell as he could either sit as an independent or join another party such as Respect. I’m confident that Labour have many decent candidates that they could have chosen to stand in Ockendon instead of this person and Kent and Co must really be regretting their decision.

  4. The trouble with the Labour party is that they really do believe in what Comrade Kiely is involved with. Privately they probably back what he’s doing. The trouble with most Labour supporters is that they still believe the Labour party is still the party of yesteryear who’s main concern was with the working class people that built their party and that they have deserted. They are not the Labour party of old. Their agenda now is completely different and far more to the left. Why white working class people vote for them is beyond me because the Labour party have done more to harm them than the Tories did even under Thatcher. Kiely truly is new Labour but he’s new Labour under Milibrain not Blair’s new Labour.

  5. This saga has gone on for far too long, surely there must be some sort of caveat that can remove him from his position, the local Labour Party have dragged their feet on this one and he should have been kicked out ages ago, I really feel for the people who vote for this waste of space into their area, he has done absolutely nothing for them and spend his time fighting for far left causes.

    He really has stuffed the two fingers up to the people of Thurrock and is getting paid from our money

  6. Yes, Aaron Kiely is taking the mickey but I’m sure that he’s not the only one in the UK to do so. Cllr Kent’s hands are tied by electoral rules so having a go at him is a counterproductive move because eventually people will see him as a victim thereby ensuring his position and that of Labour. This situation will be sorted in due course and then Ockendon will be able to vote a more useful person to represent them on the council.


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