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East Thurrock bosses explain Pegasus Club plans

EAST THURROCK United bosses have gone on the record to detail their bid to build a football stadium on the Pegasus Club in Corringham.

Their plans were revealed at Wednesday nights full meeting of Thurrock Council when the Local Development Framework, a plan for al major building in the borough, moved a step closer.

A shadow has been cast over the Herd Lane club since Petroplus fell into administration.

Club secretary, Neil Speight however sees a possible golden future which combines sport and recreation in tune with the borough’s commitment to the olympic legacy.

Mr Speight said: “East Thurrock United are at the beginning of what we expect to be a long journey and we won’t take a step on that journey without consultation and hopefully the support of all those engaged in the local community. We have a great football ground at present which has evolved through the 43 years that East Thurrock United has been going.

We are very proud of what our club has achieved and we continue to strive to improve our existing facilities. Work is well underway at the moment on the construction of a new stand and the installation of new footlights that would operate sufficient well for the club to play at Conference level.

“However, our aim as a progressive club is to grow our local community support and we believe that by becoming involved in the Pegasus Club we will be able to build upon its existing community links, improve facilities for those who come to our club and also work with people currently involved at the Peg in ensure the long term viability of the Pegasus Club in all its many sporting aspects.

“By working together we would look to grow the community participation of every sport currently happening at the Peg and bring more sports to the site.

“In the very long term that might see the creation of additional indoor facilities for such sports as basketball, badminton and gymnastics and other sports inspired by the summer’s Olympic legacy and in the short term by bringing innovation, enthusiasm and commitment to helping the community that is the Pegasus Sports and Social Club grow.

“Clearly, if we can realise the asset that is our existing ground in harmony with the needs and wishes of our neighbours through the consultation process that starts, but will not end with the consultation that Thurrock Council will now commission, we will be in a very healthy financial position to grow the facilities at the Peg and the further the aims and ambitions of East Thurrock United football club as just one part of what we hope will be a fantastic community facility.

“As I said, we are at the start of a journey at this point, much will depend on the expectations of the administrators PwC, the will of those currently at the Peg to engage in a joint process and the support not only of Thurrock Council, for which we are immensely grateful to date, but also the support of the communities of Corringham, Fobbing and Stanford-le-Hope.


  1. This would be the same Mr Speight who drip drips adverse comments on Grays Athletics plans for a similar developement at Blackshots,Secretary of East Thurrock and a journalist on Thurrock Enquirer,how convenient to report on ETU plans in a positive way..

  2. I find it hard to understand how anyone can make plans for a club or anything that at this moment in time, From what I hear at the pegasus club Price,Waterhouse,Cooper have not even put the Club on the market as yet.And what a private Club has to with THURROCK COUNCIL I do not understand ,If they do want to take an intrest maybe they should first look at the access ie: Herd Lane which has, A junior school,Infants School,a Pre school,a scout hut,and a large guest house,plus I dought if anybody from Thurrock Council have asked the people living in Fobbing Road,Clarence Road or Herd Lane thier opinion .Football is not only played at the weekend.


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