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Kent slams “cheap short-term fix” from chancellor

THURROCK Council Leader John Kent has expressed disappointment at measures announced in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement on Wednesday (5 December).

Cllr Kent said: “George Osborne said he would be putting £1 billion into four new road schemes, one of which was upgrading the M25 in Thurrock because of the London Gateway port scheme.

“Unfortunately, this appears to be the re announcement of a statement made by the Department for Transport back in May. The Conservative MP for Thurrock “enthusiastically welcomed” the announcement at the time.”

He added: “I really doubt that £150 million is anywhere near enough to get a proper solution to the congestion we suffer day in and day out because of the problems with Junction 30. Given the state of economy we must make sure we get the improvements right first time – and right now with the full scheme, otherwise business will suffer. Not just Thurrock businesses, but Great Britain plc as so much of our nation’s commerce flows through Thurrock.

“We don’t want a ‘cheap’ short-term fix and then have to come back later, we need the real deal, now!”

Cllr Kent he would wait until full details of the scheme were available before making any further comments.

Earlier on Wednesday, Cllr Kent had said: “Living here we know that the intersection is one of two reasons why the west of our borough gets jammed with traffic on a regular basis.

“I have been calling for something to be done for years. Thurrock Council agreed last week that something needs to be done. Now is the chance for Mr Osborne to act.

“Thurrock needs improvements to the motorway and trunk road network. Failure to invest will put the whole regeneration agenda at risk.”


  1. Perhaps Kent and his party could pluck a few billion out of where the sun don’t shine to solve the problem. After all they were masters of getting the economy right when they were in government.

  2. Whilst I do not fully agree with the ConDem’s fiscal policies I have yet to hear a credible argument and plan from the Labour party on how they would manage the state of the economy, Ed Balls(up) was talking this morning on BBC and he would not answer a question without turning it around so that it was never correctly answered, he seems to be like a stuck record and until the Labour Party can offer any policy that would be any different from the ConDem then they are just backing themselves into a corner yet again

  3. Absolutely right Lambo,I watched his interview on the Andrew Marr show last Sunday.When asked what would you cut how would you solve the debt problem he wouldn’t or couldn’t give an answer,just kept turning it round and saying what Osbourne is doing.

    What people have to consider is these six words:
    Ed Balls,Chancellor of the Exchequer,frightening isn’t it!!

  4. £150m is a substantial lump of cash. Wonder how much the exchequer takes in from the Dartford tolls on an annual, daily, weekly basis. Good politics by Comrade Kent to keep the pressure on the Chancellor and our current Thurrock MPs to get all the investment we require.


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