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Thurrock’s MPs favour press regulation

FOLLOWING THE LEVESON report, Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle-Price has come out in favour of press regulation.

Ms Doyle-Price, alongside South Basildon and East Thurrock MP, Stephen Metcalfe signed a letter by fellow MP George Eustice that called for statutory regulation.

YT asked Jackie to explain her reasoning.

She said:

“I want to see more robust regulation of the press, in particular so that ordinary people can be protected against harassment and defamation, not just those with deep pockets. I would prefer that to be achieved by self-regulation, but I do not shy from involvement by the State if the Press prove incapable of stepping up to the plate and delivering an appropriate regime.

“Some colleagues argue that the failure has been to neglect to enforce existing law – I believe it is worse than that. That criminal behaviour was tolerated and commonplace in the newsrooms of our national newspapers is an utter disgrace and is symptomatic of a culture where newspapers were behaving as if they were above the law. The provisions enshrined in the editors code of practice under the press complaints commission need to be enforced. The PCC has not been up to the task.

“This said, there remain no rules regarding publication of material on the Internet where most offending material is published. Websites can facilitate the publication of defamatory and abusive comments which would never be published in a newspaper. And whilst newspapers are tomorrows fish and chip paper, material stays on the internet forever.


  1. We have got to very careful with the amount of legislation regarding the press or we will end up with a communist style press where the whole news is controlled and dictated, I agree that people do need some form of protection from malicious stories and deliberate false reporting, the whole of the press need to self regulate but also have an independent body to oversee any issues that can dish out severe financial fines if they are culpable in their actions

  2. Regulation generally means big compliance costs. How many small media firms will simply shut up shop. Perhaps our two local Tory MPs have an ulterior motive Mr Casey. Will such statutory regulation just apply to the National media? Think not. This stuff from Leveson is important and may be more far reaching than we think. I would prefer not to give up our free, irreverent, abrasive, occasionally erudite and sometimes maddenly obnoxious local hacks. Whilst the big boys in the national press will have the wherewithal to hire in all the compliance lawyers to run rings around regulators, I fear for you Mr Casey and Monsieur Speight. I am afraid you may be innocent victims of Leveson and his statutory regulation.

  3. Post Leveson. Enforcement of Privacy & Defamation actions by the general public(without incurring extortionate costs) and the ability of another British Institution to govern itself without becoming corrupted by the people it was supposed to investigate. Sounds so familiar – FSA… / ABI / Council Of Mortgage Lenders / OFCOM.
    Good Practise review of institutions engaging in self regulation and apply good practise unto New Press Complaints Council. .
    Parliament should not legislate but review defamation rules and privacy and clarify for the public via new Press Complaints body people’s rights.


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