Feast of studies at Grays Convent collapsed day

On Monday, 10th December, all pupils enjoyed a day off their usual timetabled lessons to take part in a curriculum enrichment day. Each year group was involved in different activities-

Year 7 pupils took part in a self esteem workshop and went to see the production of Cinderella at the Thameside Theatre.

Year 8 pupils were involved in an Environment day led by Enterprise Education. They planned, designed and made attractive recycling bins and key rings to raise awareness of the impact of anti social behaviour such as littering.

They were pleased to welcome the editor of the Thurrock Enquirer, Neil Speight to award prizes to the winners.

Year 9 were focussing on their future careers planning their option choices for GCSE and matching these to various professions.

They were also joined by ‘Mykindacrowd’, a group which led a business challenge for Years 9, 10 and 11.

They were delighted to welcome three religious sisters from Abbotswick who spoke to Year 10 girls about their vocation and Gerry Coates, who presented the girls about his career in radio.

Both Year 10 and 11 also took part in a drugs awareness programme.

Organising teacher Stella Michalkiewicz said “It was a busy and worthwhile day for our pupils who learnt about life skills and had the opportunity to consider their futures in the world of work. Many thanks to those visitor speakers and staff who made the day a truly memorable one for our girls.”

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