Monday, December 4, 2023

Blog-post: Nicki might just have mentioned the S word…

By Nicki Kinickie

“I had been eagerly looking forward to this weekend ever since my brother confirmed that he would be coming back to visit a few weeks ago. He lives in Liverpool and we were unable to get up there for our pre Christmas visit as usual so having him come to stay was long overdue and I couldn’t wait!

Earlier in the week my husband had warned me there was a good chance he may not make it down due to the cold front coming in whilst looking at his weather app but I rebuffed and even laughed at his concerns.

‘They always say it is going to be heavy snow and it is never anything too bad.’ I replied.

Oh how I ate my words!

Thursday afternoon my brother text me to ask if it was snowing down here…. uh oh. It wasn’t yet but I guessed from the fact that he text me it had started to snow up there. The problem with the fact he lives three and half hours away is one; he would have to drive through the parts of the country that were greatly affected by the snow and two; even if he got here OK, there was no guarantee he could get back and I doubt very much his employers would have been understanding should he have got stranded what with all the weather warnings this week.

So, he stayed up there and my weekend suddenly became annoyingly free without a single plan. Two long whole days days stretched out in front of me and nothing to do with them! My husband has a season ticket for west ham and the football wasn’t called off yesterday so he was happy and gleefully went on his way at lunchtime on Saturday. The door closed and I knew I wouldn’t be seeing him until much later that night.

Yesterday’s snow was pretty pitiful which made me even angrier too – if this white stuff was going to ruin my weekend it had to be worth it! I spent the afternoon with a pile of glossy magazines that I read from cover to cover, after which I decided to treat myself to a pamper session seeing as I had the time.

Today the snow has been much heavier and consistent – it won’t stop! I am not sure whether or not it will continue into tomorrow as it is meant to but the way it looks now I wouldn’t be surprised. That means the roads will be chaos so make sure you leave a lot more time to get to work in the morning otherwise you could regret it! I have seen a lot of gritters out on the Essex roads the last couple of days which is good. We popped out earlier for some groceries we desperately needed and the main roads are fine, it is just the streets that are tricky! We live in a littlle village and there have been no gritters here. Lots of children sledging though so maybe that will clear it!

Oh well, my weekend plans did get snowed off but it could have been worse… I could have been stuck out in it somewhere or my brother could have braved the weather and got stuck here!

I hope everyone enjoyed the snow and it hasn’t caused too many problems!


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