Thursday, September 21, 2023

Double win on planning for Homesteads’ residents

RESIDENTS and councillors in Homesteads are celebrating after two controversial planning applications were turned down.

The first decision was to reject more homes in Central Avenue, and the other to reject a lorry park on green belt at Cawder Hall farm, near One Tree Hill.

Additionally, enforcement action was granted against the company behind the lorry park.

Homesteads ward councillor James Halden said: “Councillors worked hard on Thurrock’s core strategy and the local development plan, to outline what kind of development is acceptable in Homesteads. The policies are designed to ensure that big, sensible and important developments can take place, but protect local communities from damage from ill thought through plans.

“Homesteads is rightly protected from overdevelopment, and building on the green belt. I am delighted the planning committee once again defended our constituents and our ward.”

Fellow councillor Pauline Tolson added “Infill building in areas like Central Avenue has now been refused several times. If you look at previous plans for Foxfield Drive, the planning inspectorate backed the planning committees’ decision to refuse additional development there too. I hope that this latest win will finally show people that overdevelopment in Homesteads will not be tolerated”.

Finally, Cllr Halden added “We thank our many constituents, as always, for contacting us. The enforcement action at Cawder Hall farm will be a big blow to those who think that planning policy can be ignored. As local councillors, we will always defend our community.”


  1. Fine words from Cllr Halden. Perhaps if the owners of the lorry park had made a couple of donations to the Conservative Party then they could have carried on regardless?

  2. Can councillor halden formerly issue minutes of meetings where he argued his point to protect green belt developing the ldf core strategy ?. The only meeting I can find recently is his voting approval agreeing to develop green belt land in old Corringham ?.

  3. Perhaps these two Councillors would like to explain, why in last Novembers focus core changes they both voted to build houses and leisure facilities on Essex Arena. One of the most Bio Diverse sites in Thurrock and incidentally Green Belt plus the Ash Field Site in Oliver Road West Thurrock a site of significant scientific importance for a lorry park to be sited there against the wishes is of two Thousand residents coupled with the sickening speech Cllr Anderson made to the planning committee and residents about how passionate he is about green belt also voted in November for the two sites above so perhaps these hypocrites firstly should start reading what they Vote for or get there big brother or sister to sit with them and explain it to them or I suggest they return back to read the reports properly before making these ridiculous comments. Or otherwise how will they be able to display consistency


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