Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Going to pot-holes. The desperate state of Thurrock’s roads

OVER THE last few weeks, Thurrock’s drivers have suddenly started noticing the number of pot-holes on the roads of Thurrock.

Drivers don’t quite know whether to drive over them (and possibly damage their car) or swerve to avoid (and the inherent dangers that could cause).

On Saturday, IT specialist, Ian Branch was driving past the Treacle Mine when he saw a large number of pot-holes had appeared.

Ian was so irate, he did what every social media fan would do, he tweeted the holes!

Once Ian had done that, other members of Thurrock twitterati, also mentioned where they had seen potholes.

Twitterers mentioned Princess Margaret Road in Tilbury, Lodge Lane in Grays, South Road, South Ockendon to name just a few.

However, council leader, John Kent was ahead of the game. Earlier in the week, he had noticed @javelinsam’s tweets regarding the potholes near Tilbury railway station and had got right onto it.

And Thurrock Council have also gone into cyberspace to let the public know that they have noted all the reports and have passed them onto their highways team.


  1. All well and good Mr Kent saying he has passed on the details to the highways team, what he needs to do is to push that team to get them repaired in a timely fashion, most of these potholes have not just suddenly appeared

    Maybe what motorists should do is to start taking legal action against the council for any damage to their vehicles due to the lack of remedial work on these issues


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