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Have your say about the future of Grays

PEOPLE living, working and shopping in Grays are to be asked to have their say about the town’s future.

Over the coming weeks a number of surveys and workshops are to be held to help define where the council should target its support.

These will involve face-to-face interviews at Grays railway station from 22 February to 4 March; telephone interviews in the five council wards in and around Grays plus the two Chafford Hundred wards, again from 22 February and until 8 March.

At the same time – and running until 11 March – an online survey hosted by Enventure with a prize draw prize will be held.

Following the surveys, workshops will be held to flesh out the ideas

The development of the South Essex College campus at the southern end of Grays will see an injection of an estimated £45 million into Grays – bringing thousands of students and staff into the centre of town.

In addition Thurrock Council, which has commissioned the surveys, is considering proposals for the former Magistrates’ Court building and other ways of investing in the town and its infrastructure.

Cllr Andy Smith, regeneration portfolio holder, said: “High Streets up and down the country are struggling at the moment, as the economic downturn continues and people shop online.

“Grays is no different though despite what people believe the town has fewer empty shops – about nine per cent compared to a national average of over 14 per cent.

“Since Lakeside opened, Grays has lost its traditional role as Thurrock’s main shopping centre but it does have a lot going for it – the railway and bus stations ensure it’s easy to visit and that lots of people come into town; the council offices, library and other public buildings are in the town centre; the market remains popular and well used; and the college development will also have a positive impact.

“But most important is that the views of people who already use the town are considered and their ideas about Grays and its future are heard and acted upon.”

The online survey will be available from 22 February via the consultations link on the council’s website


  1. Frightening that this man is responsible for regeneration,what planet is he on?People visit Grays to either do their banking or shopping in Morrissons and then get the hell out.It’s too late to rgenerate the town,Lakeside has seen to that, I still fail to see what the new college will bring other than more traffic congestion and litter.

  2. Why will the college have a positive effect. From what I’ve heard people say, it will simply mean that even less people will want to be in the town in the morning, at lunch time and when the college kicks out. The market has very little to offer. The traders are surly and think they’re doing you a favour by letting you purchase anything. It isn’t well used, it just looks like it bacause it cloggs up the high street. The burger stall is probably the busiest thing there, at least it was until shergar made a comeback. Go there on a Sunday and you can’t park because the council allows the black church to use every street, including the high street as a car park, which if I was a trader opening on a Sunday I’d be really p1ssed off about. A marked improvement would have been if the comet that exploded in Russia had actually hit the town centre.

  3. And why does he think having the Kremlin purched on the hill overlooking the town inspires anyone to go there. Most people hate visiting the council. Their staff are about as energetic as a nurse on a late shift at Basildon.

  4. Yes we may have less empty shops than the national average but the choice of show that are open is very limited, we have an abundance of hair salons, nail shoos, bookies and ethnic food shops, the Town Centre is a shadow of its former self and is a drab depressing place to visit

  5. Isnt it amazing that whatever subject No Voice comments on he/she can bring a rascist element into what they write.

  6. Red Rebel your indoctrinated racism crap has no effect on me. I’ll say as I see. Go to a pub in Grays or, for that case, Thurrock or the wider country and tell other people like me they are racist. You’ll get laughed at. Point out the bit that was racist and not a fact. You’ve made a puerile statement that you think makes anything I say not relevant becasue the only reason I’m saying it is becasue I’m a racist. According to you 80% of people in Thurrock are racist and therefore their views are not legitimate and not valid because they are tainted by racism. Mummy’s calling, you need your bum changed. Go try it on some children, as the left does in schools nowadays. It may still work on them.

  7. No Voice you are without doubt a rascist. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can read that in everything you post. The comment on me being left is a bit of a joke coming from someone who seems to be to the right of Attila The Hun.

    You must also be a medium if you can hear my mum calling because she as been dead a good few years now.

  8. Red Rebel Do you deny that tens of thousands of immigrants have moved to Thurrock? Do you deny that thousands of flats have been built and occupied by immigrants, not our own children, without any additional infrastructure or services to accommodate this? Do you deny that mass immigration has occurred?

    You are typical of the left. You attack anything that disagrees with your view. You believe that everyone should be indoctrinated into your way of thinking. The left uses the media to push it’s propaganda that anyone that questions mass immigration is racist. They enforce it in the workplace through the union’s left wing activists. They adopt it in every walk of life; take the couple who can’t adopt because they support UKIP. They indoctrinate children in schools to their way of thinking.

    The left and you are the Nazi’s of the 21st century. They will change the world in their view regardless of what the rest of the world wants. That’s why they attack Christianity in the west. It’s the last part of the old order that stands in their way. Christianity is an easy target because the media tells us its outdated views are not normal and that they should be attacked for their outdated views because this is the lefts society now.

    They can’t do that with the Muslims because the Muslims fight back. That’s why the most evil man in British politics, Blair, sent his armies to kill hundreds of thousands of Arabs and Muslims. The left’s sick response was to make him Middle East peace envoy. Now they try to ridicule the Muslim world as undemocratic and that it must change to their way of thinking. It hates the Muslim faith because it believes in the things that they believe must be eradicated. The only quandary for the left is the fact that they don’t want to look racist by attacking Muslims. They can’t appear to be the hypocrites they are.

    Propaganda, indoctrination and war were the Nazi way in the early twentieth century. It is the left’s way in the 21st. You are a 21st century Nazi. You have no freedom of thought and you expect everyone else to be the same.

    And you can never point to anything that backs up your stance when criticising others views.

  9. 100 per cent agree with you novoice mention the word immigrant and immmediatly political correct brigade members ie people like red rebel jump on badwagon and shout the word racism this is one of the major reasons why we now found all the wheels coming of our country but these low common sensed people cannot see that

  10. What amazes me essexlad is that the one thing he picked up on in what I said were the words black church. The fact that it is a fact that there is a black church in Grays town centre and that it’s followers are black and that they use up virtually every space in the High street, Orsett road, Quarry Hill is of no interest to those on the left. I said the words black church and therefore I am a racist. They can’t see fact, logic or common sense because they are indoctrinated in the ways of the left. By the way you must be a right racist.

  11. NoVoice is not being racist by commenting on the church in question but the fact is that these ‘black churches’ should not be in a town centre on a Sunday with cars parked everywhere. I remember going to Harlow quite a few years ago and they had the same problem there. It kills off any chance of a town centre having some kind of Sunday economy. I have often thought it would be a good idea if these non traditional churches partnered up with the CofE and the Catholic churches and share the buildings. I see no reason why once St Peters has had its Sunday service the church could be let out for a couple hours on a Sunday afternoon for other types of Christians to hold their service. It would keep the churches with a steady income and would allow the other churchgoers a permanent place to worship in nice surroundings. Considering parking in the town centre car park is free on a Sunday there would/should be no need for anyone to park on the High Street.

  12. Bernard87 what you have suggested almost sounds like community spirit. You could almost call it, dare I say it, social cohesion. That wonderful left wing phrase. There appears to be a veil of secrecy about this place that nobody is allowed to see past. These people don’t want to be part of a community. They want their own Ghetto and that is what they have created in Grays and Tilbury. It is also why the town will die a slow death.

  13. I suppose that’s what I am getting at. The town centre cannot rebuild itself on a Sunday by having people singing at the tops of their voice and cars everywhere. The African majority churches and the local traditional churches should work together and share space leaving the town centre for shops and public events eg. like a town christmas tree switch on, memorial services etc etc

    I don’t think African worshippers would mind sharing buildings and I don’t think they have ghettoised themselves at all. All ethnic minority communities have a tendency to ‘stick to their own’ but no more so than White Brits. It’s the Labour party we have to thank for that. They actively encorouraged it, especially with the wave of new voters they imported.


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