Sunday, April 2, 2023

“Not talking bout my generation!” Young Tories slam Kiely

IT was stirring stuff. A young radical Labour councillor in a war of words with the young Conservatives of Thurrock.

Reclusive Labour councillor, Aaron Kiely made a rare appearance at the council meeting and produced a barnstorming speech where he condemned the Conservatives, both locally and nationally, for their handling of the economy.

But that proved a wave of indignation from the Tory councillors, especially the younger ones, who told cllr Kiely exactly what they thought.

South Chafford councillor, Charlie Key said: “You don’t speak for my generation. We are here to help the people of Thurrock. Many of us are at meetings, week in and week out.

“We have discussed the budget at length, been to scrutiny meetings on rainy nights. So for you to turn up out of nowhere and criticise us, disgusts me.”

Stanford councillor, Shane Hebb also made his point.

Turning directly to cllr Kiely, cllr Hebb said; “I don’t need any lectures on how to help the people of the borough of Thurrock from you.”


  1. Would love to have seen the faces of the other 24 Labour Councillors as Cllr Kiely spouted off. Well done to Cllrs Key and Hebb for highlighting Cllrs Kiely’s hypocrisy!

  2. He is truly new LieBore. He cannot see the absurdity of his actions and words. He displays all the narcissistic tendencies required to be a member of the Labour party and a Labour party supporter. The CEBR estimates that Labour’s time in government has cost the economy 10 times as much as all of the bank bailouts together. Only a member of the Labour party could ignore that completely. How could the rest of the Labour party let him say anything. Truly skin crawlingly embarrassing.

  3. Fantastic stuff from Cllrs Key and Hebb. People like Aaron only seem to listen when people are firm with them. I wonder how that investigation is going into his conduct?

  4. NoVoice has a point. Kent should have barred him from speaking. He isn’t interested in Thurrock residents at all, all he wants is the money which allows him to take up all his other left wing causes.

  5. Well done to the two councillors for pointing out the facts to the scarlett pimpernell that is Mr Kielly (wont call him councillor as that would be misrepresentation); however, I very much doubt that this would have any effect t on him as he is so far up his own agenda that he shows such contempt to the people of Thurrock.

    Once again this highlights the lack of true leadership from Mr Kent and his party by allowing this person to still remain on the council and have an active vote on issues that will affect the local people.

    Thurrock Council is a joke and the longer this goes on the more it becomes a laughing stock, The Leader and the Local Labour Party are allowing this individual to take public money under false pretenses and can no longer be taken seriously

  6. I was in my usual seat in the public gallery so I was able to witness the “looks on the faces” of the Labour Group and the impression I got was one of acute discomfort and embarrassment. Cllr [Wily] Kiely’s so called “barnstorming” speech received luke warm applause from the Labour Councillors apart from Cllr Healy who said he “enjoyed Aaron’s speech” and if I heard him correctly he was pleased to note that the Tories “do’nt like it up-em”. What I saw and heard last night was another example of Wily Kiely’s insatiable appetite for headline grabbing self publicity in order to promote his wider ambitions. He sought to hijack a very important debate on a local issue, i.e. the setting of the budget, by means of a rant which would have been more appropriate for a General election or even better at one of his Student Union gatherings as Ethnics Minority Officer.
    His professed concern for the poor people of Thurrock has a hollow ring about it, especially for the residents of South Ockendon and in particular those who actually voted for him. His rant about people having to “tighten their belts” as a result of tory cuts, whilst having some merit, loses impact when it comes from a man whose change in his physical appearance over the past two years gives the impression that far from tightening his belt he needs to loosen it to accomodate his extra girth achieved no doubt as a result of no shortage of money, some of which he takes from tax payers pockets, which enables him to live a life of comparative ease, I doubt that he worries about affording to eat. All credit to the Conservative Group for their sustained attack upon this unprincipled Councillor, especially the outrage and indignation expressed by the youger Councillors such as Key,Halden and Hebb. I like to think I may have set the stage for the Tory outrage when I drew to the attention of the Mayor that “I spied a stranger in the Chamber” but I must be careful not to adopt the Kiely habit of grabbing the limelight and claiming all the credit for myself.

  7. Can’t defend Kiely for very much. Criticism is justified for his loony views, contradictory voting at the budget, and his folding like a wet flannel over council tax.

    However, at least he gave his party 24 hours notice of his intentions. Terry Hipsey, on the other hand…

  8. Lambo only in my opinion, I know Cllr Kiely doesn’t turn up but at least he doesn’t ask residents to shout about a site that is being decided upon by the planning committee, Surely a Councillor who sits on the planning committee is supposed to be fair and open minded and transparent about every application they listen to not discuss it because of predetermination not ask residents to oppose it in the public gallery, and shout against it well who is not on the planning committee any more ?? And why …

  9. Bernard I do agree Kent should have stopped him speaking but they are both as bad as one and other the leaders of both parties do not stop trying to score political points, they both have Councillors that should have resigned because one of the political groups as an Arthur Daley ( a woman ) on the firm having outrageous meetings,so all morals went out the window years ago because they all Turn a Blind Eye and the famous last words of Kent not on my watch and Phil Anderson everything’s a smear campaign they both would have been great barristers how they put a spin on things

  10. Shelley

    To my knowledge no Tory cllr has defrauded the Thurrock council taxpayer like this cllr. Do not try and lump the parties together. This is a Labour councillor who is doing nothing more than turning up every 6 months to claim his allowance. John Kent should throw this person out but he is too concerned about his majority of 1 to do that.

    This particular issue has nothing to do with the Tories. It is a Labour matter which they are to scared to deal with for fear of losing power.

    You will make yourself look very silly if you try and defend Labour on this matter.


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